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  1. Hi Olly I see on Astrobin, and various threads where imagers are combining different sub lengths, so I thought I can do that? Hypothetically, if I do have different subs, do I apply corresponding darks? Or is that a dead question, as I should not do that from the outset?
  2. Thanks Alacante!! Can I ask you a quick question, while I am having your expertise on this thread! There has been a problem that is confusing me with regards to DARKS taken after my light subs. My understanding is that darks need to match EXACTLY the lights in duration, exposure & temperature. Since it is OK to combine Lights of different duration and stack them in DSS, how will I apply the darks? For example, say I have 30 light subs of 120 seconds each on M101, and on another night I took another 30 subs of 180 seconds each of M101. When I stack the lights in D
  3. I've actually just opened the .xcf file, and it too does not show history...?
  4. Thanks Alacant I will re-open in GIMP, and try to undo clipping.
  5. Thanks Olly, advice noted... Yes please, it would be very helpful if you can have a look at the unprocessed file. I have attached the TIF file as it came out of Deep Sky Stacker, before doing any processing to it. Many thanks Autosave.tif
  6. Thanks Olly A few questions please 1- Other than clipping the blacks which I agree I overdid, is the result acceptable for a ED80mm? Is the core OK, and did I get good detail of the stars in the center of M3? Should I have got a better result with the 294MC Pro and ED80? 2- Once you clip the blacks, can I go back to the TIF file and UNDO it in PixInsight or Gimp, or once the blacks have been clipped I need to REDO the image processing from scratch from the original stacked file? I am just trying to establish whether my main problems are in the acquisition of the image or in
  7. Thanks for your reply. So without that drawer, there is absolutely no other way in the time being?
  8. Good day everyone. Can you please advise how to fit a "2 filter in my imaging train? My setup is: Evostar ED80mm ===> Focal reducer ===> ZWO 16.5mm extender ===> ZWO 21mm extender ===> ASI294MC Pro I have been advised to get the ZWO 2" filter drawer, which is 21mm, and replaces the ZWO 21mm extender. With the virus outbreak, shipping times are forever, and it isn't in stock at FLO or 365, I would rather try another solution for the time being? I threaded the filter onto the back of the reducer, and threaded the 16.5mm extender to the other side of the
  9. Hi Lee Thank you for your reply. When I zoomed in on the cluster in PI, the stars looked really hazy, even though the outer stars which are not part of the cluster looked sharpish and in focus. When I completed the PI processing, the sky had a weird pattern of blotched black, hard to describe, so I opened the final image in GIMP and played a touch with the curves and black point to darken the sky to conceal the blotches in the sky. I guess I over did it, which is why the sky looks too black. I will look up HDRMT in the book. There is just SO SO much to read in the book, and its
  10. Good evening everyone Not sure what went wrong here? This is the result of 60 x 120s subs @120 Gain, -10C, darks, flats & dark flats. EVostar 80mm and ASI 294MC Pro. Stacked in DSS and Processed in PI. I used a tutorial kindly offered to me by @geeklee on processing in PI, but it was for processing M51, so I think it shold only be used for galaxies? Since I am still taking my first steps in PI, I used the same steps. Please give me some feedback if the result is good, otherwise, where did I go wrong? Many thanks
  11. Nice setup... And stunning pictures!!!!
  12. Agreed, wide at the top and very narrow base. Possibly it’s just a final prototype and the production model will have a wider base?
  13. yes...agreed... Vlad is on another level!
  14. HI Vlad How did you know Eyeguy drizzled? What am I missing?
  15. I actually did try that before packing up yesterday night: C11 OTA ===> Stock SCT adapter ===> Crayford focuser ====> Focal reducer===> BAADER 2” clicklock ===> 16.5mm ===> 21mm ===> 10mm ===> ASI294MC Pro But the camera and adapters were just telescoped into the clicklock, and overall the setup did not look right? Also, in my last picture, the reducer is being held in the crayford focuser with a thumbscrew only, and it wasn’t very secure
  16. Sorry Michael, I'm in the process of just getting my head around how to connect them first. I tried to attach the camera with the extenders and the thread on the ZWO extenders does not attach to the reducer. Can you please advise what I need to add inbetween the reducer and the camera + ZWO extensions? C11 OTA ===> Stock SCT adapter ===> Crayford focuser ====> Focal reducer===> WHAT DO I NEED HERE? ===> 16.5mm ===> 21mm ===> 10mm ===> ASI294MC Pro I guess I will need a special adapter that will take the thread of the reducer on one side, and ha
  17. Hi Michael Thanks for your reply. So, is this what you mean? C11 OTA ===> Stock SCT adapter ===> Crayford focuser ====> Focal reducer? Will the ZWO 16.5mm extension screw then onto the focal reducer, so the setup should be: C11 OTA ===> Stock SCT adapter ===> Crayford focuser ====> Focal reducer===> 16.5mm ===> 21mm ===> 10mm ===> ASI294MC Pro?
  18. Good evening everyone, Long post, but please bear with me.... Please help me in sorting out the mess I'm in with adapters and extensions to setup my C11 for imaging. The equipment I am trying to connect properly: 1- 2" & 3.25" Baader clicklocks. 2- Celestron .63 focal reducer. I have a 2" nosepiece that comes with it. 3- Revelation Astro 2" SCT Crayford focuser My understanding is that there should be 110mm between the camera sensor and the focal reducer? How can I use the above equipment to get things right? The C11 OTA has an opening at the back th
  19. Surely there will be some kind of delay because of the virus pandemic?
  20. I had a look looks like the vanilla CEM70 is 16,000 and the CEM70G, or as they call it, Guide Star CEM70, is 18,800. that’s £1800 and £2100 also, that tripod looks like it was photoshopped onto the mount.
  21. Hi John Does it say if it will use those spring loaded knobs t control the RA and DEC, similar to the CEM25 & CRM60, or will it use simple clutches like the CEM40 and CEM120? I can’t be sure from the product images?
  22. wow....gorgeous... Can you please stop posting photos like that....?? You are leading some of us to desperation...!!
  23. oymd


    I’m lost for words...
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