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  1. Alright guys, I've been here before with my Astro gear ready to sell but ended up taking it down due to being undecided wether to carry on the hobby. Ive decided to call it a day as I'm not finding the time and it's a shame for these items to sit doing nothing. Before I list them again I apologise to the people that were interested in the old advert last time for being un decided I assure you this time that they are up for sale 100%. WO Megrez 90 with original orange hard case and X0.8 field flattener III and the WO diagonal. £450 Skywatcher 200P, Dent on outer case, mirror is fine. £80 NEQ6 Pro with three weights, upgraded bolts, all cables and handset. £650 (SOLD) QHY5 Mono. £60 (SOLD) Skywatcher Startravel 80 guidescope. £50 (SOLD) Baader planetarium ortho 6mm (1.25") (SOLD) Starguider ED 8mm (1.25") Skywatcher light pollution visual filters. Skywatcher 2x Barlow, super 25 wide angle, super 10mm(x2) 1.25" diagonal Collinating eyepiece Maplin power supply Canon 1000D filter removed with T2 ring adapter. £80 Various sized Maplins cases. All prices excluding postage. If I come across anything else I'll get round to posting. Would love to keep all this together but I understand it can't always happen that way, but if your interested in the lot just drop me a message. Rob.
  2. Hello,

    What sort of price are you looking for for the QH5Y?

    Is it mono or OSC?



    1. K3ny0n


      It's Mono.



  3. I done the same Paul. I really enjoyed it apart from the commentator guy. Rob.
  4. The one thing I found really annoying about the live coverage of the spacewalk was the annoying commentator repeating everything he said every couple of minutes! I think this year Stargazing Live has fallen when a 'major' event in the space world was happening so they just embraced that. I did enjoy Stargazing Live this year and I believe it does so much for the hobby. Rob.
  5. How's it going? I hope your still getting clear skies. Rob.
  6. I bought a new mount and a new guide camera and still havent been able to use it from earlier this year. Lots of work and no play. Rob.
  7. Someone out there would buy it. Most probably me, I'll take a chance on it. Rob.
  8. Lovely image, I really like the second one posted. Rob.
  9. Looks fantastic Chris. Well done. I've just recently bought my first house and prepping my own build so if I get anywhere near the standard of your build I'll be a very, very happy guy. Rob.
  10. Cool, have you had many imaging sessions? Which types of objects have you imaged? Rob. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. We certainly do mate. Ah, very nice. Which camera have you got then? I'm still only on a DSLR and only just upgraded my mount to a NEQ6. Rob. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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