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  1. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Sorry to read your news, Alan, best wishes. See you next time, Allan
  2. Hi Nick, welcome to SGL from me up the line in Devon Allan
  3. Downloading the astrometry.net index files used by Astrotortilla and Sequence Generator Pro is a fairly slow process, but once they are on board the plate solving can be pretty quick. I did a blind solve using both programs - Astrotortilla was faster on that particular run - but that was a sample of one.
  4. After all this time, I finally discovered today that to use Astrotortilla together with Cartes du Ciel via Ascom you have to run both programs either Run as Administrator or neither. Took the first option and it works like a charm (indoors), so I'll be expecting to use this to align/sync the scope and hit targets from now on. Hopefully.
  5. I have been using Astrotortilla for quite a while to work out exactly where I am pointing when looking for a faint DSO, although I haven't used it for telescope control directly. A couple of days ago I downloaded the 45 day "on-approval" Sequence Generator Pro, and today I have been testing out SGPro's plate solving and slewing in warmth and comfort inside the house. I'll still have that available at SGL11. Both programs are using local files, not internet (so I now have 2 sets of the Astrometry.net index files installed - aren't hard disks wonderful).
  6. Does this help? http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/berenice Line breaks: Bere|nice Pronunciation: /ˌbɛrɪˈnʌɪsi/Rhymes with obese. Post Christmas feeling.
  7. Got an Atik 460 from FLO several weeks ago, and while I was waiting for the order to arrive I picked up a second-hand Canon 1000D and had it modded. I did put the new Atik out one evening and just about managed to get it focussed on the Moon as it intermittently appeared between clouds, but nothing else so far. Perhaps I could sacrifice a turkey .......
  8. Hi, Ed, welcome to SGL. Since you are in East Devon, why not come along to the Norman Lockyer Observatory outside Sidmouth, there are lots of observers and imagers (on those seemingly rare occasions when the skies are clear). Friday night for regular meetings. Allan
  9. Thanks, Skipper, I have used these instruction sets via FLO's site several times. My understanding is that when you select "Never Install driver software..." that applies to all devices, not just the Prolific driver. Am I wrong here?
  10. I contacted Hitecastro support when I was struggling to get mine to work with Win 10. I received an email which included "There is an old chipset which we have long since discontinued which will not work with windows 8 and upwards under any circumstances." Anyway, I have got my Prolific cables working, mostly - sometimes I have to roll back the driver again. I'd like to know how to protect an individual driver from update - as far as I can see it is all updates across the computer (?) Allan
  11. Hi Bill, from a former Cornwall resident, welcome to SGL Allan
  12. Back home today after an enjoyable few days. Weather stayed dry, and the end of the week/weekend didn't have the clear skies of the early part, but overall a good time. Thanks to Mark for coordination. Hope we get a few more members pitching up next year. Allan
  13. As a former resident of Saltash, hello and welcome to SGL Allan
  14. Thanks Daz - that's me back handy for the tea tent again. Allan
  15. AllanJ

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Right then, I'm booked.
  16. Hmmm, in your tent after beans for dinner......
  17. Alignmaster needs the mount to be totally level. See Bizibilder's posts here: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/189752-alignmaster-altaz-step/ I think of alignment as a three stage depending on how good you need it and how long you want to spend on it - (1) through the polarscope, (2) Alignmaster, (3) PhD drift aligning Allan
  18. Congratulations, Mark. A few beers may be in order - oh, we do that normally. See you on Wednesday, Cheers, Allan
  19. Patience has been rewarded - thinning cloud has let me get some good images from about 3.30 till 04.00, but Moon will soon vanish behind house.
  20. All beautifully set up, DSLR through Celestron 4SE OTA, HEQ5 - and at 2am the fog rolled in - can't see a thing
  21. Hi Mark, I have just booked for Wednesday 14th - Sunday 18th inclusive. Looking forward to a few nights of crystal clear night skies and sunny days Cheers, Allan
  22. Watching NASA TV : great new images and data (why did the doorbell have to ring in the middle of it?). Downloading compressed images for now, looks like they will be learning so much more over the coming months as the lossless data arrives.
  23. Astonishing first image of section of Pluto. Also the Charon image is amazing.
  24. Looking forward to the first reports from the spacecraft, it's a long way to phone home.
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