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  1. Thanks Peter. I do have a good horizon for Mars (If I can tolerate the cold), but Neptune should be a nice challenge. It's the one planet I haven't actually seen before. - Joe
  2. I think it's a great shot peter. Well done.
  3. I haven't been able to do any planetary imaging in a couple years since I was over in Germany (terrible weather/seeing conditions). I retired the 10" Newt and just picked up a nice Schmidt-Cassegrain 12" F/10 today from a friend (thanks Paul!). I've retired to my hometown of Pittsfield, Maine and I noticed that Mars and Uranus are the only 2 planetary objects in view for a while. I know I missed the Mars opposition but I'm hoping to get some imaging done in the next couple weeks. Is mars a decent target or will I be subjecting myself to the imagers curse of poor details due to distance? A
  4. Nice capture Barv. Well done!!
  5. I'm doing just fine. We're in the same boat here in Germany. We haven't had a decent night of viewing here in months (All my equipment is getting dusty). Merry XMAS!
  6. Nice shot Neil. Your images still impress us all. *Also, looks like you are feeling better. How are you holding up these days?*
  7. Very nice, Well done RAC.
  8. Great animation, I love the detail. You really have a gift when it comes to this Kokatha Man. *thumbs-up*
  9. See if you can locate a machinist, that wouldn't mind tapping/re-threading the hole for a case of beer.
  10. Very nice. Imagine going back in time and telling your grandfather, his telephone would one day be able to take close up shots of the moon. Mine would have probably had me committed after a good whoopin.
  11. Bump for the new folks.
  12. Normally when shooting Jupiter, I would use ISO 800 with a gain fairly elevated to prevent onion rings during processing. I would shoot with live view, normally with a 5x powermate since the sensor is set so far back in the camera body (some nights I would doublestack a 5x powermate with a 3x barlow). The 3x zoom is all that I would use. Avoid using the 10x digital zoom since it washes out details. Color wise, the 600D is very sensitive to mist/fog/dew build up. The biggest thing to watch out for is over exposure. I would then use the canon software to convert the .movto .avi. I'd run it throu
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