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  1. Quite a spectacular display on last night. First one I've seen in years (thanks largely to NGC - Normal Grey Clouds). All shot at various FL's with 70-200 at F/4. And, a Pano
  2. Fantastic, and that sounds like a huge amount of work.
  3. Not been able to get on and post anything for a while, so, this is a bundle from the last week (mostly) Slight variation on settings (sorry, can't remember the details). Canon 60d, Sigma 150-600@600mm, f/8, mostly ISO100. Stacked in AS3, wavelets in Registax, except the first one, which is a single image (couldn't get the stacking to, well stack). with colour and with colour
  4. Ah yeah, 400d doesn't have liveview. Hope the info helps.
  5. Ant, the 450d does have liveview. At 600mm, I've been using iso100, 1/200 to 1/400 sec, depending on conditions. Spot meter and meter for 2 stops under exposed. Shoot from liveview, continuous shooting, remote release, lock for 40 to 50 frames.
  6. Nothing wrong with Registax, but it can struggle at times (especially with large image files). Try Autostackert 3 or Avistacks... When I was doing mosaics, whilst registax would work, Avistacks would automate 30 or 40 stacks of 1000 frames each.
  7. I had some real issues processing the images from the 7th.. until it dawned on me, that I'd actually shot two sets of images, 30 minutes apart, and the small amount of rotation with the very low moon (couldn't capture any later due to other reasons) meant I couldn't attempt to stack all of them.. Anyway, this is probably only about 7 images stacked. All of them... Stacked in AS3, wavelets in registax 6th May Crop Colour And, then back to normal... 25 of 50 from the 7th Crop Colour Hope you like 'em
  8. 31 stacked in AS3, Wavelets in Registax and a crop
  9. Oh, no wait... it's the Moon... Star Wars day moon, May the 4th be with you. I watched The Rise of Skywalker, then went and grabbed this... Shot through light, fast moving misty cloud. Figured it was worth a shot anyway, seems like it worked. 17 of 51 images, Stacked in AS3, wavelets in Registax And of course... a crop.
  10. 43 images, stacked in AS3, wavelets in Registax 6,couple of minor tweaks in LR and a crop This one feels like I may have made it a little too dark.. thoughts?
  11. I like and use Open Camera a lot. Have you tried the manufacturer camera? Some of them are meant to be very good. Moto Camera is pretty good, but I find it's saves can be somewhat unreliable and lost half the images.
  12. Thanks Craig. Lightroom is very good at what it does. Image catalog (I really need to use it better and start keywording stuff, but never get around to it), and raw processing (it's basically ACR in a full blown image catalog tool). Given that most of my 'edits' are largely ACR style adjustments anyway...
  13. I thought it would be interesting to take the best image from the stack (based on the AS3 definition of best), process it in the same way as the stack, and also the same image, and process it in LR (using the same LR settings as the other two) and see how things came out. 1) Single image, processed in LR only 2) Single image, wavelets in registax (same settings as stack) 3) Stacked image.
  14. All stacked. Blue and Crop Black And Crop And.. with some colour pulled out
  15. 24 images stacked... made the most of some clear skies (twice). This one caused me a major headache, and I know I said not more attempting to stack blue sky moons.. .but.. in the end, the stacking just needed some 'help' in the form of a crop and basic alignement before loading the images into stacking. and a crop And... a bit later some colour pop and a crop
  16. The 450d works pretty well at 800 ISO... 1600 is pushing it a bit. Yes the 450d does have liveview, but the amp is turned off during long exposures unlike the earlier models, so you should not see issues from having liveview on (best not to though, as it does help eat the battery.
  17. Notty, it's 67.5 mm... The f number is the focal ratio, and is the relation between the focal length and the aperture. Divide the focal length by the f number to determine the aperture at any given f number... so if f/2 is the largest aperture (as it's a ratio, smaller number = larger hole) then 135/2 = 67.5
  18. Thought I'd try another setting of Sequator and put my Leo Startrails data ( ) through as a timelapse... If you want to give this a try, set the output images to JPG the compile to video becomes much simpler... I used imageJ to convert the images to an AVI. You can see the satellite clearly passing through about 5 seconds from the end... (although I may have made the images a little small... hope it shows ok) Also seems you can't embed videos from Flickr... it's on my machine (not work one) so will look at uploading it directly shortly.
  19. 26 of 58 images, stacked in AS!3, Wavelets in Registax, minor tweaks in LR And... a crop (cos why not) Earthshine and a couple of stars Moon and Venus
  20. jgs001

    3 Moons

    I may not bother to try and stack deep blue images of the moon, it always results in weirdness in the background... Thanks, it's very kind of you to say so... trying to get my head back in the game, been a long time since I did anything like this, but it's all coming back to me. As I recall, you always produced images that I used to aspire to...
  21. To help try and pin this down...The flare passes through the rear of Leo, passing North to South (as best I can make it, based on camera image sequence). The full flare, no repairs, but quite heavy curves, and the first image of the two (of course it bridged two). I think, the flare passed right past Chertain
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