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  1. The dec axis on my AVX hasn’t been working for a couple months. Here is a picture of the graph from the guiding with the AsiAir. The DEC was riding at around a 20 last night and the star would be lost often. Is this backlash?
  2. I am currently in a Bortle 2 zone and I have a light pollution filter on me, even though it’s dark here should I still use it? Would it highlight more of the gasses in the MilkyWay?
  3. Hello everybody, I am wondering if there is anyway to help reduce this horrible noise when trying to take Milky Way images, this image is a 30 second exposure iso 1600 with an astromodified Canon 450d and a Rokinon 14mm lense. Noise has been a constant issue with this camera and I want to see if there is anyway to fix it before I buy a new camera.
  4. Thank you for your response! This is a Celestron AVX mount, the guiding camera I am using is a zwo asi 120mm with a 60mm guide scope. I am still having problems with the guiding as the rms is around a 3 or 4.
  5. My guiding used to be flawless but after a month of no clear nights I come back and its tracking like this. Don't really understand why, any suggestions/tips?
  6. Hello, I have recently purchased an ASIair and was just trying it out tonight, everything works fine besides the go to and the guiding. The go to will go to the opposite side of where the object is and the guiding has a major error and is have major trouble connecting it. Need help!
  7. I havent taken a dark library yet but i will soon, thanks for the response!
  8. Yes, I will try to do this the next clear night, thanks for the response!
  9. Hello, I just recently purchased an Orion Deluxe Off Axis Guider and a QHY 5 C camera. I use my Explore Scientific ED80 Trplet Apochromatic, everytime I try to calibrate the guiding it takes around 60 steps and then says the star didnt move enough. I have had this problem for the last 2 weeks and dont know how to fix it, I have tried to up the exposure time but that didnt work, I plug in the camera to my computer along with a connection from the hand controller for the mount, and an st-4 cable connected to the guiding port in my AVX. I need help with this problem.
  10. I am very new to Ha imaging and I am trying to image the heart nebula. This is a single 5 minute frame from a Canon 450d astromodified and an astronomik 12nm ha filter. When I stacked 4 hours worth of data I couldn't even see any hydrogen.
  11. Alright thank you. Let’s just hope that the skies will be clear!
  12. Thanks! This was taken with a Canon 450d astromodified and a Astronomik 12nm clip filter. This is 6 hours and 30 mins of 5 min subs
  13. This is my first time taking ha and I was wondering if I need more integration time? I also don’t know how to process to well. I am hoping to add OIII but I don’t know if this is a good enough ha image. Any suggestions? 50B40027-8E6A-465F-92C5-E297FDC910C4.tiff
  14. That looks really good. This was taken with a Canon 450d astromodified and a 12nm clip filter. I will upload a non processed image when I get home.
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