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  1. How are you guiding? I only had a newt for a short while, but I could never get round stars with a guidescope. The stars improved a lot after switching to a OAG, but they were still not perfect (collimation, CC distance). After a while I gave up, and switched to a refractor
  2. Oh btw, Sony does have the 585 in mono as well. I think ZWO are looking into it, so might be worth waiting a bit
  3. I sometimes do EAA with my Samyang 135. I have the 585 as well, and I don't think you lose out that much to mono with this sensor. I also use it with my Altair Dualband filters. These work well even at f/2! The stars are horrible though, so starless all the way!🤣 Here are NGC1499 (30x30sec) at F/2 And M42 (106x30sec) at f/2.8. Gain 300
  4. All my FLO stuff arrives quickly. Maybe not the next day, but two days tops. The gear always arrives with clouds anyway, so not like we're in a rush to use it! 🤣 My local postmen/women bend over backwards to help you out. Great service! But I guess a lot of that comes from it being the same people over several years. You all get to know each other.
  5. Turns out it was dispersion. I didn't think it would be that bad at that altitude, but it was.
  6. I thought I would give this a go with my C9.25, and it seems to work well. However, I noticed that I'm only collimated in red (I used an IR pass filter when collimating). Green is off, but blue is really bad. I used Capella, which was quite high at the time, so I don't think it's dispersion. Could it be the optics? Thanks!
  7. I bought one of THESE from TS before Brexit, but I'm sure someone sells them over here as well. Lots of holes, which makes balancing things sooo much easier!
  8. We must have different bad seeing! Mine doesn't produce images like that! 😄 Nice image! 👍
  9. Where are you finding this great seeing? I just get a mess everytime I am out! 😁 Great animation!
  10. I had the Astrokraken, which was fine at first, but broke in the end. I now have one from Astrodymium (FLO sells it), and it is WAY better. Very solid. easy to attach a ZWO EAF, and you can mount a guidescope at the top or on the side. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/astrodymium-ring-system-with-zwo-eaf-asiair-mount-for-samyang-rokinon-135mm-f2-lens.html
  11. Microsoft ICE is now discontinued, but it can still be found on the net. It is free and works well on auto settings 98% of the time. It does not take .fit files though
  12. I doubt you will have any problems 😀
  13. More starlinks. They have been very busy sending up more garbage over the last couple of days 🙄
  14. I don't have one, but I did read up on it when it came out. If I remember correctly, the wifi access point was set to 'open' by default (no password). If you are asked for a password, then the previous ovner has added one (which they should!). You will need to reset the mount to get rid of that.
  15. Thank you Peter! Sorry if it came off like I was new to imaging. I have been doing astrophotography (poorly 🙃) for the last 15 years. So I would like to think I have the basics down by now 😁 I can really see the appeal with EAA/Live Stacking. Here in the UK, we never seem to get enough clear nights to finish anything. Being able to get something like this in just 30 minutes, is just amazing! And I love sitting there watching it build up over time.
  16. Hehe, there are a couple of hot pixels in there if you look closely 😁 You got to love the SharpCap dithering
  17. Right! I thought I would give this EAA thing a go! 😁 I think I like it! This was just a quick shot inbetween the thunderstorms, so no guiding. No processing other than colour alignment and curves in SharpCap 180 x 10 seconds (30min) Starfield 102ED f/7 Stellamira .8X Reducer/Flattener ZWO ASI585MC @ Gain 300, Brightness 40 Baader IR/UV-Cut
  18. Mate, this is really hard to read! Any chance of using white text instead?
  19. I have the 50mm, great little scope. The only big thing letting it down is the helical focuser. You will want to upgrade to a FeatherTouch/MoonLite if planning to image. I did, and it is a night and day difference when it comes to user enjoyment! I have had no problems with the PT leaking. If you do get a problem, it is usually down to worn O-rings and/or lack of grease. Both are easy to fix.
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