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  1. glowingturnip

    Eagle Nebula (M16) SHO

    Actually that's a good point, yes that bar that leads off to the right goes from being finely tinted in the first image to looking like greyscale lum with not enough rgb behind it in the second. I'll have another go, masking for only the most saturated bits and addressing the reds. I think the blues can probably be allowed to stay. I'll be back
  2. glowingturnip

    Eagle Nebula (M16) SHO

    thanks all for the great remarks @Barry, thanks very much for your comments, some things there to think about. Regarding the colour, getting the balance right was my big concern, but actually I had the opposite problem to not enough - the colours I had coming through during the final stretches and whatnot were very strong even without any enhancement, so that to my tastes it was coming across as a little garish, a little 'Disney'. So actually my final act was to de-saturate it a little bit (I know, a first for me !), but looking at it again with fresh eyes this evening I wonder if I've gone a little too pastel. I'll put it to the vote, do you prefer... Full Disney: or pastel shades: Probably somewhere in-between I guess. Re the star sizes, I did think about applying some (the Morph transform is a great tool), but in the end figured I'd keep it as it was, I wanted to convey something of the open cluster in the middle. The stars are actually from the Ha only - the OIII and SII stars were much more bloated, especially with the strong stretch on the SII, but I merged them with the tonemap method. Deconvolution yes, I did it on all three channels actually, though it didn't add much to the OIII and SII. Cheers, Stuart
  3. glowingturnip

    Eagle Nebula (M16) SHO

    Here's my last one from my summer crop - it actually turned into a year-long project, I took the Ha in August 2017, the OIII in July this year and the SII in August. 10 each x900s Ha, OIII and SII, darks flats and bias, equipment as per sig, taken in southern Spain, PI processing. Just for fun, here's a side-by-side comparison of my Pillars of Creation vs Nasa's, can you guess which is which ? Ok, not much of a contest really, but then their telescope is a bit more expensive than mine is ! Quite interesting to have a close look though, there are a number of features in common that I have managed to pick up that aren't apparent at first glance. I'd be happy to receive feedback on what you think, feel free to be honest since I'm not quite sure how I feel about it, especially the colours. Comments and cc welcome. Hope you enjoy, Stuart
  4. glowingturnip

    Seasonal Witches Head Nebula

    7 subs a bit too few for sigma capping to work, but if you wanted to upload the subs I could try a few of the different methods in PI
  5. was going to chime in and say what Olly said about focussing for lum and then not worrying too much about the focus on the R, G and B in the same session. But also if you went OSC, you're going to find it very difficult/impossible to do any narrowband with it in the future. I never thought I'd get into narrowband, but I was definitely wrong there...
  6. glowingturnip

    Dusty Taurus

    very nice ! get a proper feel of the depth of it, the dust in front of the background stars
  7. glowingturnip

    ngc 7293

    nice image ! What camera did you shoot it with, I'm guessing a modded DSLR or OSC ? I reckon there are so many variations of colour on the web since it's got such low surface brightness, and so much of it is in Ha, so it tends to be a narrowband target. Here are my three renditions: Bicolour HOO (my favourite): HaLRGB (think I prefer yours): and unmodded DSLR ! I agree, you're posting in the wrong forum, don't think you're a beginner any more
  8. the Garnet Star, isn't it ?
  9. glowingturnip

    Astro mod DSLR

    I seem to remember he was a little late acknowledging my order too, but all went fine and I was very pleased when I got it
  10. glowingturnip

    SHO Lagoon

    that's a nice looking lagoon
  11. glowingturnip

    Lagoon Nebula (M8), my first Hubble Palette !

    thanks very much mate I'm new to this narrowband lark, and it does seem like a bit of a lottery what colour balance I end up with !
  12. glowingturnip

    A trio of planets

  13. glowingturnip

    Prints on aluminium.

    glad I came across this thread, I've been wanting to print a few of my recent efforts (and chuck away the prints of earlier works which aren't worthy !), so I've gone and ordered three on aluminium from Bonusprint. Special offer from Bonusprint btw, half price until 10am tomorrow (unless that's one of those rolling 'special offers').
  14. glowingturnip

    A trio of planets

    haha, thanks Reggie
  15. glowingturnip

    A trio of planets

    cheers mate

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