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  1. Have to wait for next month. Totally clouded over here but thanks for the tip.
  2. The moon is really putting on a show these last few days. Having had great pleasure just observing last night I thought I'd do the same tonight until I looked through the finder and the Golden Handle leapt into view. Back to the house for the camera. 12" Dob, 2 x 2" Televue PowerMate, Canon 500d 125th second at ISO 100.
  3. It may just be a matter of timing. It was a pure fluke that I took the shots when I did and possibly just as the sun was at the optimum angle. It may never happen to me again!
  4. There are an awful lot of Os as well, John.
  5. I took some pictures last night not realising I'd captured the X and V, but L as well? 12" Dob with Baader 17mm connected to a Canon 500D. 40th of a second at ISO100
  6. I bought recently the 2" 2 x Powermate and love it for lunar photography. Haven't had a chance to use it for much else yet but looking forward to exploiting it to the full.
  7. Not a million miles from you Marvin. The village of Saint-Plancard in Haute-Garonne. We spend about half the year there in scattered chunks. I guess you'd be about a two and a half to three hour drive. I got my 150pds second-hand and, frankly, the focuser was so well-worn I replaced it. So you might need to check the condition if you buy a used version. I have a good spare focuser that I bought for a different project but it won't fit your Space Probe. Have you checked Leboncoin for used 'scopes? There is the occasional bargain to be had through LBC, though most expectations seem way too high. PM me for directions if you fancy a drive down some time.
  8. Where are you located in France, Marvin? There are a number of subscribers from French locations (including me until the end of May) who might have alternative equipment you can take a peek through before upgrading. For example, I have a SW 150 PDS myself. As far as I can see your existing focuser takes only 1.25" eyepieces. Most dual-speed focusers have 2" draw tubes so you would have to modify the aperture in the tube, even assuming you could find a focuser that then fits your tube's parameters. It's a subject that has been raised elsewhere since 2009 and there seems to be no quick, easy or cheap fix. You're talking at least £100 for a new focuser, even before you start enlarging the aperture in your tube. A new OTA that comes with a decent focuser included might be your best move for imaging and keep the Orion for observing on your old EQ2 mount, if you still have it. There is a second-hand 150 PDS for sale on AstroBuySell at present.. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=149128 Not much more than the cost of a new focuser. Hope this helps.
  9. That seems to be the most popular upgrade, Miguel. I just wish I'd bought that one in the first place instead of the highly-criticised tripod that SW sell with the mount as standard. As it is I am happy with the AstroTrac I bought from 365Astronomy (see earlier post).
  10. Just for your information and anyone else who might be looking for a solution I discussed this with Zoltan at 365Astronomy. He suggested an Astrotrac tripod: which he would modify to take the 3/8 threaded bolt and supply a flat mounting plate included in the list price of £76. I lent heavily on a sample and it felt rock solid so I ordered one which I collected today. To compare like with like I connected the Canon 500D with TeleVue 5x PowerMate to the 80mm extension tube to exert maximum leverage as before. Barely a tremor as I adjusted focus and camera settings on tonight's moon. At £30 less than the price of the SW and lighter in weight (aluminium rather than steel) my problem seems to be solved. Thanks again for your response.
  11. The moon was showing quite brightly at about 11.30 last night and I wanted to try out a 5x PowerMate 1.25” I had bought recently but hadn’t had a chance to use. I’d previously removed the diagonal from my TS Photoline APO to blow away some dust so for expediency connected my Canon 500D to the PowerMate, connected that to an 80mm extension tube and than slid that into the ‘scope’s open end. That made a heck of a leverage on a pretty short dovetail but it seemed stable. Only when I tried actually to do something did I discover how flimsy the “kit” tripod is for the SW AZ-GTI mount. It is the most frequent criticism by reviewers and users and sensible people seem to bypass the tripod and just buy the mount. I didn’t get where I am today by taking good advice so should not have been surprised when the least touch to any part of the ‘scope or camera started the entire ensemble trembling like a reed in the wind. Alter the ISO, wait two seconds for the trembling to stop. Adjust the focuser, can’t see for the trembling. Wait for it to stop to see if you’ve got it right. Try again, and again, and again. A combined process of adjusting focus, ISO and shutter speed that should take seconds was taking minutes. Without the diagonal I’m having to squat on a garden chair with my head about three feet off the ground and frost forming on the summer house roof. Amazing to believe you can have such fun in old age but, frankly, I’d rather not do it again. So, replace the diagonal – then what? What’s the best, reasonably-priced, alternative to the SW tripod in the experience of satisfied users, please? Many thanks.
  12. Quite often newcomers to astronomy ask members of SGL what is their best choice of eyepiece once they have decided they want to move on from any particular EP that came with their 'scope. Sometimes the answers are quite technical and not readily understandable to a newcomer. This article posted in Cosmic Pursuits today makes valuable and lucid reading and may answer a lot of questions already in the minds of some members. https://agenaastro.com/choosing-eyepieces-for-your-telescope.html Had I been able to read this article a few years ago I might have saved myself a lot of disappointment - and a fair bit of cash!
  13. I suggest you read Paulastro's review ES David H Levy Comet Hunter - 152mm f4.7 Maksutov-Newtonian - A Users View By paulastro, August 15, 2018 in Member Equipment Reviews I bought one on the strength of Ade Ashford's article in Astronomy Now and have not regretted it.
  14. Which version of the Imaging Source camera did you use please? Super picture.
  15. Thanks, Mike. De-ionised water is the most readily available here but I'll check the pet shops next time.
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