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    I had the fixed focal length lenses which enabled me to read without glasses for the first time in 50 years. The procedure was carried out by surgeons through the National Health Service in England so was free of charge. Had I wanted the variable focal lenses that would have been a considerable personal expense outside the NHS. I was warned about your "starburst" effect even with the fixed lenses. In my case I was told the replacement lens would be slightly smaller than the natural lens being removed and that it would take time, maybe a couple of years, for new tissue to grow to fully inco
  2. Thanks, Raph. Using an adaptor similar to the one you recommend, plus a TeleVue diagonal, I was able to get out for some lunar observing last week using a number of my favourite 1.25" EPs. It was interesting from a novelty point of view but it will be returned to the owner soon as I don't think I would ever use it in preference to any of my modern telescopes.
  3. Not me, Mathieu. With both our countries locked down I don't expect to be back in France before 2021 but if I need anything I'll be in touch.
  4. Thanks Mathieu. We meet again. I bought a couple of 1.25 diagonals from you earlier this year through ABS and I was able to combine the Televue with a straight adapter I bought a few days ago for some lunar observing this evening after advice from another member. The combination worked well with a number of different eyepieces from 40mm down to 7mm. Far superior to the original .965 EPs. I hope all is well with you. Salut Peter
  5. Something like the attached picture. Just brought a 60mm refractor from the 1980s back to life but the original diagonal is a sloppy fit. A straight adaptor proves the 'scope works perfectly with 1.25" EPs but a decent diagonal would be the cherry on the iced bun. They are readily available in the States but can't find a retailer here. So, if you have one gathering dust that you've been reluctant to throw out please let me know.
  6. Simulation Curriculum Corp did reply to my message and referred me to the forum where users have successfully run their 'scopes from the version, SkySafari 6 Plus on Android so long as Sysnscan is running in the background. I'll give that a try before going for the Pro version. I hope the responses concerning IOS will be valuable to iPhone users.
  7. Thanks for that. I noticed Google Play offer a refund but I'd rather get it right first time if possible.
  8. Before I splash out £18.49 has anyone succeeded in driving the Skywatcher AZ-GTI Freedom Finder using Skysafari 6 Pro wifi on Android? The developer's forum suggests it's still work in progress but the last date is May 2020. I've just emailed them but don't expect a quick response. I don't have a problem with the Skywatcher's own Synscan Pro but think Skysafari might offer more.
  9. Thanks for these very helpful responses. If it were mine I might be tempted to spend time and money to bring it more into line with current models but I suspect the friend who discovered it in the possessions left behind by a deceased partner will take no more than a passing interest in its qualities. Once I've taken a look at it I'll be able to gauge his level of interest in improving the 'scope and possibly acting on the good advice given here. Thanks again.
  10. A friend has just unearthed a motorised 'scope which I calculate is at least 20 years old. The Meade 4504 is a 114mm Newt on a GEM. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet but if the optics are OK and the electronics still work the principal drawback seems to be the focuser will only take 0.965" EPs. What he has are probably those that came with the original kit and, therefore, probably not top quality. If everything seems optically and electronically sound would an adapter to take 1.25" EPs be worth exploring? Somebody out there must have tried this and if it's a non-starter I'd rather
  11. My SW 12v 17Ah power tank has been locked in a barn for 5 months waiting for me to escape lockdown and come and recharge it. Having arrived a couple of days ago I was too late. The poor little devil had upped and died on me. From a number of old posts here and on CN I see that people have replaced the original lead/acid battery at low cost with some success. Has anyone done this recently and what battery was chosen, please?
  12. It's been very interesting to see how this thread has led to so many insights but, ironically, the Polish dealer's offer that prompted me to open the topic now says the 2" version is no longer available. I guess there's a good reason!
  13. I wish I could advance this discussion with the same level of knowledge and experience as you chaps but my 2" visual back arrived today. Focusing on a neighbour's chimney stack about 100 yards away I compared the performance of a 1.25" 25mm Celestron plossl with a 25mm ES 2". With the plossl I counted 7.5 courses of brickwork but, with the ES, 11 courses, a difference in view of 47%. There was no vignetting as far as I could discern. However, the plossl is reckoned to have an AFOV of 52° while the ES is marked as 70°, a difference of 35%. To my (probably over-simplified) calculation it
  14. Having started this thread I've been interested to see how it's developed, especially since I bought the Omegon from John! I'm still awaiting delivery of a 2" visual back but as soon as that arrives I'll hope to make a comparison of lunar views using a 25mm ES 2" and a 27mm 1.25" Orbinar flat field. Not a direct comparison but close enough, maybe. As John has said in other posts, the Omegon is a true 127mm so vignetting should, I imagine, be even less noticeable using the 2" but I certainly hope my ancient eyes will get added benefit from a 2" option. I asked the question originally becaus
  15. Thanks. I was the very happy purchaser of an Omegon 127 Mak from an SGL member a week or so ago. This will take a 2" diagonal so I'm happy to draw a line under this now.
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