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  1. Do me best, guv, but I'm on a very steep learning curve with this. As always, with SGL, I know where help is at hand.
  2. Yes, it had to be oversize. Torn between 2.5" R&P with TS and 3" hexfocus with ES. FPL53 glass decided me I'm using a borrowed Nikon which I have not had much chance to use with my other 'scope so nothing to go by, really. Tell me about clear nights. The last 12 months have probably seen three or four good nights a month. Sod's Law, the best night this year a Scots friend called around in the afternoon with a bag of 9.6% beers and a bottle of Monkey Shoulder. Saw plenty of stars, without a telescope, when I finally woke up. Never thought about d. That's a novice for you. Have struck up a very good rapport with the dealer. It's shipping today. Thanks for the advice.
  3. I've been driving myself crackers for weeks, Wim. Have decided to go with the alu tube. A supplier has offered me a discount and free delivery. Order should be placed tomorrow. Some people say the carbon fibre is slower to aclimatise and the difference in weight is not great for the mount waiting for it. I just wish I had any expectation of clear skies when it arrives but no prospect for at least ten days. Thanks for your good wishes.
  4. I may be in danger of abusing my privilege as a member of SGL with repeated questions about refractors but after months of thinking big I've come back to reality and decided to go for something I can actually afford. Is this my final choice? I think I'd better ask the audience. Does anyone have any negative comments on this TS Model, please? It would go on my Celestron AVX mount. The aluminium version does not come with a case as standard, as far as I can establish, so the final cost of the CF version would be about €200 more than the alu version with the optional case added. Thanks as ever for all responses.
  5. There's SW France and there's la France Profonde. Confolens from where I'm sitting looks almost central but I can see the Pyrenees from our terrace: truly SW France. One clear night forecast in the next ten days! Must be the mountains. Clear skies in October. Peter
  6. Just what I wanted to hear, Davey. Many thanks. Teleskop Express offer something similar but with a better focuser. The Italian company offers a carbon fibre job. Thanks again. Peter
  7. A retailer in Belgium has some attractive refractors (also one in Italy) under this brand name but I can't find anything except other European suppliers marketing similar products. Is Tecnosky just another clone or a bit more than that?
  8. Thanks, Dave. When we were first considering buying a place in France we spent nearly a week in the Lot just before Christmas 2001. Cahors was decorated like a jeweller's window. Good luck with your "nuits des étoiles". The last two national events it's chucked it down here both times. We are hoping to spend the night at the Pic du Midi observatory in late September as a kind of tick off the bucket list. In the meantime another gorgeous sky tonight. Two nights running? What's going on? Clear skies Peter
  9. Dave, I found you as a member through your Milky WAy pic only the other day and was intrigued by your sobriquet Quercynoise dark skies triangle. I'd be interested to know how things are proceeding there. To be candid there ain't many amateur astronomers close to my village but I am generating interest by giving the occasional informal star party. Somebody seems to have shot out the nearest street light (wasn't me, guv, honest), which helps, but because I'm halfway up a valley the lights along the main road through the village can be bothersome. Especially irksome for about 9 months of the year is football. Floodlights on match night and practice nights are not turned off until everyone has left the bar. Quite late, as you can imagine. The lights are so stong illumination bounces off our barn wall making the observation yard as bright as a moonlit night. In the next village the residents are demanding a street light outside every house, regardless of the fact that no one will walk 50 metres at night, preferring to take the car. If a request for a street light is made it is met. So making a dark triangle here seems a remote prospect, in spite of our being in a truly rural location with what should be almost unpolluted skies. What's happening around here seems quite contrary to government policy, but that's Gascony for you. Any ammunition I can shove in front of the mayor would be appreciated. Thanks Peter
  10. I think I must move to Quercy. Haven't seen a sky like that in Haute-Garonne for quite a while. Until tonight, coincidentally. Must get back out. Moon will soon be rising after superb views of Jupiter and Saturn this evening. Lovely picture. I'm as green as the Mekon with envy.
  11. If you want one they are not expensive. A quick search showed this. I may try one with my ES
  12. Bresser had a sale a while ago and I bought an ES 2x 2" Barlow. It's a nice thing to have but I rarely use it. With an 8" Dob and a 2" 14mm Nagler EP I can't say I get a noticeably better view than with a good quality 1.25" 7mm EP. The combined weight of the Nagler with the Barlow is hefty and the only real benefit to my weak old eyes is the eye relief. As Cosmic Geoff suggests, for higher magnification get the appropriate 1.25" EP. Having said that I would love to get the chance to try the PowerMAte Alan suggests - before spending the money!
  13. Thanks, John, I shall never be able to afford the best, only the best I can afford. Lots of groundwork to do now I'm clearer on the glass. Peter
  14. I think a waiting list of any more than three weeks might be pushing it at my age. But thanks for the very informative answer which I hope other members will appreciate as well. I just spotted a s/h WO doublet on a French website at what would be a very attractive price if it was genuiinely Apo as described by the advertiser and the maker. I thought genuine Apos had to have at least three elements - but that's a completely new subject I guess. Thanks again
  15. I don't see anything sinister in this story. Why make it up in order to justify the sale at a low price? Sometimes nice things happen to nice people. The original owner clearly had no further use for it when he gave it away so it's no loss to him. The bee-keeper is happy; you're happy and it's better placed in your backyard than in his garage. Enjoy your good fortune.