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  1. Testing communications!

  2. I did catch a quick view of Saturn last night with the big rerfractor It was very low in the sky but I did see a reasonable picture of it with natural creamy colour. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments and yes to the question about bears -there are plenty around luckily I have managed to avoid them. My Canadian friends tend to laugh at me because they're so used to the wildlife they don't even consider it. I
  3. After trying a variety of different scopes - most recent being a C8 then an Explore 152 Refractor, followed by a C9.25, I felt the call to return to Refractor Ville. I started purusing the online ads and forums and digging out the old Meade and Celestron Catalogues looking for my next big gun. I had almost talked myself into the $2,000 Explore 127mm Apo - but at the last minute, noticed some of the accessories becoming optional extras. I also wanted to try the new VX Mount because the CGEM had proven too heavy to easily throw into the car for outings. I saw a package with the VX and The C6R
  4. Thanks Everyone! Thats really useful advice and thanks for the screen shots of the Wavelets Settings. At least I will know I am in the ball park with that - I can experiment from there. I think I need a bigger Jupiter - and I noticed last time out my widescreen laptop was showing me just a partial image. A lot of video ended up with Jupiter being partially off-screen. Focusing was a Bit** - a big blurry Jupiter with me standing 3 feet away tyring to decide the best focus position. Thanks again for the encouragement, I will try again and see if I can iron things out. It will be easier to make
  5. Just for comparison here is a Neximage5 image before trying to hide the poor detail by resizing.
  6. Yikes, was not finished there .... I have shot around 60 GB of video - some not usable - even after trying to repair in VirtualDub - but plenty of usable from the lastest session. With the planet camera the difficulty is with settings, brightness, colour balance, focus, image drift, dust motes and/or light flare (from streetlights and the moon) in the light path. In contrast to this, the DSLR is pretty well plug an play - no cables and if you give it a decent image scale it gets exposure by itself. Here are the two best images I have come up with. They were resized downwards for sharpness fr
  7. OK, my Jupiter images are just not cutting it. So is it the camera?, the telescope?, my local conditions?, me? (my processing techniques). Mmmm? don't know .... I have The C9.25 - with which others are producing great images. I have checked the columation - although I have to admit to struggling a little on this. Its easy to defocus a star and see the doughnut - but I have found it very difficult to fet steady enough seeing to see diffraction rings at high power. whenever I have tried this, the diffraction rings are usually blowing like a flag in a crosswind. Its stone cold here right now -
  8. Some retries on processing. I think the DSLR is beating my new planet cam because I'm new to the planet cam and still need to learn the best settings. But at least I'm learning a little more about processing in Registax while I am figuring out the camera. Need another clear sky outting with Jupiter - maybe tonight, its looking good.
  9. Wow, nice job! I've not had much luck on my first two outtings with the Neximage 5. My video all appears greeen - also the first batch of video were all at the lowest res setting - even although I had tried various on-screen resolutions. I had to change the file save settings - which were defaulting - regardless of what I set on-screen. Second outting I shot lots of video at higher resolution settings and set my limits at 2,000 frames. But, all the resulting 3.99GB AVI's (there seems to be some kind of limit) was unloadable in Registax, and even Quicktime will only play a few seconds of it.
  10. Was out last night and shot rafts of video with the Neximage5. I also tried some with my Nikon D5100 DSLR in Video Mode connected via T-Ring to an 8mm Celestron Zoom E.P. I know I don't know the Neximage5 yet, but on the initial results, the DSLR is beating the Planet Cam. I shot lots of higher resolutions with the Planet Cam - I assumed that's how you got such a large Jupiter. The Videos are all green. I can fix them in PS or NEB but this can't be good for quality. Sounds like I need to Barlow up - just got the new Celestron Luminous 2" 2.5x Barlow. But I do already have Jupiter at a r
  11. All right Bus_ter - now I'm inspired ....
  12. Holy! OK there goes the theory that we are at the same level of experimenting! That's superb!
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