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  1. Thanks Stuart, not to bad where I am Bortle 4 (near Filey, North Yorks). Thankyou again Steve
  2. Stuart, that is brilliant, thank you so much for your help. I actually have a set of cards and have done a custom WB on my Canon 6D (from Juan) which is coupled directly to a WO ZS73 through a full frame field flattener (works perfectly). Stuart, thanks for your suggestion of the normal CLS filter (ie not the CLS-CCD). Should the CLS suffice completely or are there other options I might consider ... duobanded or would that be overkill. The one that comes to mind is the Optolong L Pro. Really appreciate your fast answer, thanks again and a very Happy New Year Steve
  3. stevebb


    A few photos from here and there
  4. Good morning everyone I am taking delivery today of an astro modified Canon 60D that appeared for sale on another forum with the following modification originally performed by Andy at Astronomiser: “Rear Filter Removal with Sensor Repositioning Modification” I visited the Astronomiser homepage to try and better understand exactly what this modification entailed, if an additional piece of glass was added (possibly not) and the "possibility of star bloating". While I do understand that this filter partly removes UV/IR and colour correction, with the first filter still in place I am w
  5. Bit of a longshot, does anyone have a Primaluce Eagle 3 + cables going for sale. I am toying between this option or an Intel NUC/Pegasus Pocket Powerbox to automate my observatory. Thanks in advance and a Happy New Year. Steve MIG Observatory
  6. Looking for an Intel NUC, minimum of i3 processor, 8 gig ram, 120SSD, 5 USB ports and WiFi (these are minimum specs). Might also consider the fanless models with dual WiFi antennas. Also looking for the Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox or similar device with multiple 12volt outputs and possibly a variable voltage o/p to feed power to my DSLR. Many thanks for reading and a Happy New Year. Steve Muston Imaging Group
  7. Thank you, just swapped it this morning I'm afraid. Steve
  8. Happy Christmas A quick question on the Prima Luce Eagle range of astro computers please. Can it control multiple cameras simultaneously ? I have 2x DSLR's which I would like to run with Backyard EOS and an ASI178MC that I would like to run with Sharpcap. I have done a little googling to try and find a multiple camera setup but struggling to see confirmation that it can. I had considered other solutions from other vendors and indeed the basic Prima Luce Eagle Core and I only see 1x DSLR and/or 1x CCD/CMOS and in some instances, the latter can only be used as a guide scope. I
  9. Now priced to sell ... he says hopefully Take both scopes and all accessories for £500 or the Celestron C8 + accs for £450 collected from North Yorks. May be interested in a p/ex for either of the items mentioned in the post above or a decent refractor for imaging (SkyWatcher Equinox or similar) + cash adjustment Steve
  10. I forgot to mention on the "part exchange" front. I am also looking for an Intel NUC and a Pegasus Astro Pocket Powerbox - for remoting my observatory.
  11. Celestron C8 and extra's as listed above now reduced £50 ..... £500 (or might consider a trade for a decent refractor - Equinox or similar as I am going the imaging route rather than visual)
  12. Celestron C8 XLT + extras and SkyWatcher Star Travel 80 (ST80) I have a Celestron C8 with XLT Starbrite coatings. Will include the full length base plate, both visual and imaging backs, scope rings, front 8" end cap and the finder scope with it. No box I'm afraid. Optics are good and clean, focal length is huge - 2300mm from memory. This lot would cost close to £1300 new and one with less spec went for £750 on fleabay recently. Might be interested in a part exchange or will let it go for £450 collection only. Also, I have a SkyWatcher Star Traveler 80 - good optics, used as a guide s
  13. Does anyone on here use the above filter in their setup and if so, what are your thoughts ? It is currently on special offer and I'm struggling (against the "bank of wife") to justify spending £200 for the EOS XL CLS-CCD. I have a full spectrum modified Canon 6D and looking to put this on the end of the nosepiece into a SkyWatcher Equinox refractor. Also considering putting my Ikharos field flattener in the optical path but that now might not work with full frame. I have looked at a few photos on Astrobin and I must admit, it looks pretty good but is it really a bargain
  14. oh wow, thanks Carole and everyone - those are brilliant ideas
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