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Insanity - Maths Help!!


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Sorry mate i just didn't understand any of that.

I don't have the vocabulary to understand it nor the maths know how.

That makes two of us! I think the problem is they try to use big words where-ever possible so it's a test just reading through some of these papers...

Oh well, looks like a long night ahead for me tonight :clouds1:

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Sounds like image processing and compression algorhythm lingo to me. Not sure what it means, but it may not be essential to understand it word for word. The concept of what's happening to the digital info from camera to final print is what you need.

I hope that helps. ("NO! Shut it, Astroman!" grumble, grumble, grumble...) :?

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Problem is, I do need to understand it word for word because I need to reimplement it myself! :clouds1:

Thanks for the input though guys, makes me feel better just to talk about it and laugh at my own predicament :clouds1:

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I haven't left the house except to go shopping for like 5 days! Tomorrow night I'm getting steamed :clouds1:

The work I'm doing is for my project, which is on texture classification using an MR8 filter bank, all fun and games :clouds1:

I've googled it alot, but the problem I'm having is the specific implementation algorithm that I need to use and most of the papers online aren't detailed enough with the details....

Getting there though :clouds1:

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