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32mm Plossl - which one!

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Help please!

Unable to get a meade 4000 32mm plossl on ebay to match the others I have got, I am looking at these:

32mm Plossl by Celestron on ebay shipped from US by a seller I am sure everyone on here has heard of:

NEW CELESTRON 32mm PLOSSL 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece Lens on eBay (end time 06-Apr-11 06:54:20 BST)

Total cost: around £24 ish

or a 32mm Plossl by skywatcher from FLO

Skywatcher - Skywatcher SP Plossl eyepieces

Cost £30 plus shipping

As the difference in price is no big deal to me which is the best to get. I am using a 130mm reflector at the minute but have the bug and am looking at bigger aperture dobsonian scope on ebay - waiting for one to come up for a decent price near me in Lincoln



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Hi Phil,

If you're buying with an eye to the future, building up an EP set that'll stay with you as you change 'scopes and work in any that you use, then stretch to a 2nd hand TeleVue 32mm Plössl.

You can't go wrong with one of those :)

If you don't have the budget for the TV, then of the two you linked to, I'd go for the SW Plössl from FLO.

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If sent from the states you may get charged VAT or duty or both. Although small on the amount stated, the Post office will charge you £12 for the priviledge of "processing" of it. And they won't hand it over until you pay.

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