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  1. Help please! Unable to get a meade 4000 32mm plossl on ebay to match the others I have got, I am looking at these: 32mm Plossl by Celestron on ebay shipped from US by a seller I am sure everyone on here has heard of: NEW CELESTRON 32mm PLOSSL 1.25" Telescope Eyepiece Lens on eBay (end time 06-Apr-11 06:54:20 BST) Total cost: around £24 ish or a 32mm Plossl by skywatcher from FLO Skywatcher - Skywatcher SP Plossl eyepieces Cost £30 plus shipping As the difference in price is no big deal to me which is the best to get. I am using a 130mm reflector at the minute but have the bug and am looking at bigger aperture dobsonian scope on ebay - waiting for one to come up for a decent price near me in Lincoln Cheers, Phil
  2. this is useful as I was seeing the same thing through my reflector. As you focus in the spikes almost disappear which I guess is a sign the scope is well collimated?
  3. That was the one - it can generally be had cheaper on Amazon. However I see you are going for a bigger aperture :-)
  4. Newbie myself but: 12. No 13. Yes 14? Sounds like you focuser is not the same size as your eyepieces? 15 Les cloud the better, but with a bit of cloud you can still view 16 Darker and less light the better 17 I think these are for viewing the moon to reduce the amount of light coming in 18 no 19 dont know much about that I am afraid 20 how far away are stars...
  5. This guide was great - having read up I got a 10mm and 26mm Eyepieces for my 5" reflector - very pleased with the views. Just going to get hold of a 6mm one now and I think that will do me just for a while!
  6. Good you got it all working - hope you have had fun with your new scope!
  7. Thanks for all the kind welcomes! Phil
  8. A quick review of my new scope. I think quite a lot of newbies end up with a similar scope as they can be picked up quite cheaply. After reading round and managing to get a good deal I recently picked up on of these to start stargazing again after a break of 20 years when I first started looking through a 70mm tasco with my Dad. So.... Equipment: Celestron Astromaster 130EQ f/5 Newtonian Reflector Eyepieces: 26mm and 10mm Meade 4000 - which I got second hand after reading the supplied eyepieces with the scope were pretty junk. Viewing Conditions: Clear sky - about 11.30pm. I hadn't used the scope yet but had it set up ready - was in my study, up with new baby boy (yes bought a scope and have newborn son - viewing opportunities will be limited!) Notice that bright object out of the window - from previous experience took a good guess that it was jupiter. So thought I would have a quick look - using the scope - through a window - so not ideal! Used low power eyepiece and firstly pointed at moon to check finder scope and just to look at something easy to check focus and aiming the scope. Was very please with results - clearly making out detail of craters and shadows with both eyepieces. So pointed scope at Jupiter with 26mm eye piece. Found it and focussed in, was very pleased - saw small disc and 4 moons. Still amazed me after all those years ago, and was reminiscent of seeing through the old Tasco! Put in the 10mm eye piece and was amazed - clear disc could make out some banding on Jupiter and clearly see four moons. Think this was great given the viewing conditions at the time - I can't wait to get outside on a night and try it out for real (looking after baby permitting!) Anyway a few points 1. I had read that the red dot finder on this scope was not much cop - I have found it to be perfectly usable and accurate with a bit of setting up - maybe I just got lucky with mine 2. The tripod is a bit wobbly - but giving it time to settle I was pleased with my views. 3. I am going to try and get a decent 6mm eyepiece now second hand as I think this will give the best views and probably be at the limit of the magnification for this scope. 4. Overall I am pleased with the scope - Im sure of the next few months I and going to see some good sights with it - and probably end up with a urge to upgrade! Impster
  9. Just thought I would say hi. Trying a bit of astronomy again after 20 years when I previously used a 70mm Tasco refractor to view the sky (when I was a lad). Will be looking skywards from my back garden in Lincoln, if there is anyone else on here from around these parts! Would consider my self to be a bit of a newbie after all those years. Recently got myself a cheap small reflector (Celestron Astromaster 130EQ). Have used it a couple of times now - with a 26mm and 10mm Meade 4000 eyepieces - again I acquired quite cheaply second hand. Hoping to get some more advice and tips on these boards from some more experienced - will post up questions and a quick review of my scope in separate threads! Impster
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