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A week of imaging. (M101, Leo and Iris Nebula)


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All images were taken last week, the first stretch of clear weather since I got the new equipment. Seeing conditions for all three images were pretty much the same, clear but with a lot of moisture in the air. Had a lot of problems with noise when trying to process them as is evident in the images. (I am currently building a peltier cooler box from a mini fridge from argos, more on that at a later date)

The images are made up of 5 and 10 min exposures adding up to 3hrs for each image. Taken with the Canon 1000D on the TS90 and guided with the QHY5.

Processing them was a real nightmare and took 3 or 4 ettempts each before I got something I was happy with as the noise kept on coming out to strong.

the Iris nebula is not quite finished it needs about double the current exposure I think the really get it to show up, I am happy with how its coming along.

PixInsight and Photoshop used to process.

Any advice on the noise or anything would be always welcome.

Update - Added another hour to the Iris Nebula, see further down thread.




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Noise dosen't look too bad at all from here.

The best way to get the noise down is to image just one target night after night untill you are happy with the noise level, I can sometimes spend weeks on one image.


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Thanks guys, well I am currently trying to put together a peltier cool box from an Argos Mini fridge, the fridge seems to have everything you need to make it. Putting it back together now is the hard part.:)

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I added another hour onto the Iris Nebula last night. 4 hrs in total (2 hrs in 10min exp and 2hrs in 5mins exp) I think the color has come out a lot better in this one.

I focus with the live viewfinder on the camera, olly. I had some luck making a mask before for the 70mm, I may give it another go.


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