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  1. Have you ever had the chance to run it side by side with something like the Arri Amira, that would be interesting to see. When you consider the low light capabilities and the 300fps @ 4k it would certainly be a more affordable option against the $40,000+ Arri Amira (what most would consider the industry standard) for both professional and amateur film makers.
  2. When I do upgrade my own telescope, I will be looking at this (hope its ok to post this). It's just outside your budget but IMO worth a look. http://www.cfftelescopes.eu/105mm.html They seem to be a small company that takes a lot of pride in, and a personal approach to their work (just going by what I have read on other forums). There are not many reviews but the ones I have found are very good, comparable to the high end of the telescope market. Of all the scopes you have mentioned, I would go for the Borg, for no other reason than they are cool telescopes. Although I have read that they do have their flaws with color correction (Dunno if this applies to the 90FL though) I currently own a TS90APO and find it a very good and well made scope. It is a generation before the 100Q and I know nothing of the 100Q (I know not very helpful) Anyway I thought I would just throw another into the mix for you. (I am in no way affiliated with CFF telescopes, I just like to support the little guy :))
  3. Thanks Gina, yeah it's a lot better. Gotta say that I am really pleased with the camera. Really looking forward to seeing what it can do.
  4. So i took everything apart again last night, tightened everything up, made sure everything was square going back together and it seems to have solved the problem. I would love to know what exactly caused it, however I am not going to waste my time trying to find out now that it is fixed. Thanks for the input and help guys. 1 Hour on M45 in Lum.
  5. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get back out yet. I will try it until I find the culprit, I am using astronomik LRGB filters just fyi. To me they are just strange artifacts as they are so definite where as most reflections etc tend to be more scattered. Although the second cropped image, to me has two different things effecting the star.
  6. I don't think it was dewing, I was only out for a little over two hours in total and everything was as dry as a bone when taking the equipment in, there is also no change what so ever across all the subs. I took everything apart today just to have a look and everything is spotless. You are right though Ollie, it is not absolutely horizontal, which would rule out an electronics problem (which was my main concern really) and yes "if one is optical why not the other" It looks like I may get a chance tonight to do another test, I will run through all filters to see if there is any change and take it from there, maybe a few subs with no filter or flattener to rule out camera or filters.
  7. This is 10 x 600s exp in Lum. A pretty good result except for the blooming/Spikes on two stars. It's a refractor setup, that has had the same image train for two different cameras, (An atik4000 & SXV H9) I have never seen anything like this on either of those two cameras which leaves me to believe that it's a fault in the camera, which is less than a month old. Unfortunately the weather looks like it's going to be bad for a while, so no chance of another test anytime soon. Any body any ides what could be causing this. This one (below) does look more like reflections.
  8. The way I have always viewed this argument is how much time do you have under a clear sky. If you only have fours hours of clear sky and you want to get a finished image, to me that breaks down as, 4hrs of data from OSC or 1hrs of lum/ha + 1hrs of R/G/B each to get a finished image, to me that would be a fairer comparison. In the end if you can commit to an image and have to patience to gather enough data over however many nights (weeks or months it takes) then mono will always produce better images. However if you only get out every now and again, a few hours here a few hours there, then OSC is a very good option cause otherwise you end up with folders of unfinished B&W images. I use mono and always will, I also have folders full of unfinished B&W images
  9. Hey Andy, could you send the details on to me. In the market for dew prevention at the moment.
  10. It was a guy I work with that actually re-sparked my interest in astronomy from childhood, he had an OO Newtonian, it was the first time I had ever seen a scope like it and after realizing that I could afford such an instrument I very quickly went out and bought one. The strangest meeting I have ever had with a fellow astronomer was a guy that delivered oil to my house 2 years back, I was not there when he was delivering the oil but he spotted my newt in my porch and rang me that evening to chat about astronomy, we ended chatting for over an hour on the phone. Looking back now I don't think he knew too many other astronomers either.
  11. Has there been any update on how Astrotrac are getting on with this mount. Haven't heard anything about it in a while, has it been cancelled or is it still in the works.
  12. I run my recently acquired H9 (older version) on vista no problems. It didn't start out that way though, as I had real issues installing it. The installation is certainly not straightforward. I use Sequence Generator Pro (the free version) for capturing. I find it almost as easy to use as Artemis Capture, I say almost as I had to watch one tutorial on youtube to figure it out but after that it is very straightforward and has a lot of very useful functionality and also connects straight to the H9, no fuss.
  13. This shop seems to be just around the corner from my dads place, I think I will have to call around and see whats going on.
  14. 3ggman


    Very nice indeed. I have 16hrs of Lum of this galaxy taken with the ATIK4000 from last year, really need to grab some color for it.
  15. Thanks guys. A few more hours, Guy and those little galaxies should be popping out. Yeah the TS90 is a great little scope, I think they (H9) complement each very well, a nice reducer is all that's needed now. As for the clouds, being less than a km from the Atlantic certainly does not help, the upside is i do have very dark skies when they do clear.
  16. So I recently sold my atik4000 and got this nice little camera as a replacement. As luck would have the weather has been pretty bad since I got the camera and i only managed to grab a few hours here and there for this image. It still really needs a lot more time devoted to it but after only 7hrs so for I am really happy with what the camera is producing, the FOV is perfect for these kinds of objects and I think the camera fits really well with the TS90. The image is 4hrs Lum and 1hr per RGB channel and processed in PSCS4 and Pixinsight. Comments are always welcome.
  17. Had a quick go at M20. Some very nice detail coming through in the Nebula. There are some donut stars though, Do you have the "reduce noise by median filter" option ticked under the star detection threshold tab, this sometimes gave me donut shaped stars when I had it ticked. The tiff seemed to already be stretched slightly, my dss stettings would something like this. Under Result Tab "Align RGB channels..." checked. For lights anything less than ~15 (or 3hrs of data) I use the Median setting. I use Per Channel Background Calibration Under cosmetic everything unchecked and under Star Detection Threshold tab "reduce noise by median filter" unchecked These settings have worked for me after a lot of trail and error. I try not to let DSS do anything to the image other than stack it, I do all the stretching and cosmetic work in PS or PixInsight. Anyway your equipment seems to be working very well and this is a nice capture.
  18. It certainly was not an easy decision to sell it, the ATIK is a fantastic camera but the car won over in the end however with the reputation of the 285 chip I was fairly confident with what I would be getting (FOV and image quality/scale wise) Yeah Sequence Generator really made life a lot easier not sure what I would have done without it, probably tried the SXV software which didn't look at all good. I must look into the cooling a bit more, there must be some way of telling if the camera has warmed up/cooled down, I don't like the idea of switching off the camera not knowing what temp it's at.
  19. So I recently sold/swapped my ATIK4000 for a SXV-H9, the none set point cooling version. Tonight I got my first opportunity to get out and use it. Knowing that I wouldn't have long before the clouds rolled in, I dubious as to what I would get but I went ahead anyway as you never know when you'll get your next chance. Software was my real big worry when I decided to go for this camera, the ease of use of the ATIK was a real selling point, it really was plug and play and from what I read about the SXV they were the opposite. I was very unsure with what acquisition software to use, as I didn't need any processing software I didn't want to pay for Maxim, however this was solved when I found Sequence Generator Pro and figured out how to use the SXV autoguider through PHD (I included the QHY5 in the swap) Anyway long story short, the night went flawlessly, until the clouds rolled in that is. I wanted to grab something nice and bright to maximize the short time that I had and managed to grab 90mins of NGC4565. I am very happy with the result. I will have to start taking flats by the looks of it (the bunnys), strangely never had dust bunnys on the ATIK. Not sure if anyone else uses Sequence Generator Pro, its my first time using it and I really found it to be a great program, really full of features and very easy to use, almost as easy as ArtemisCapture. One thing that I am not sure about is the cooling of the camera, is it automatic cool down and warm up. There are options to set it in SGPro but I can't get any readouts or indication if it is cooling down or warming up. Hopefully I will get the chance to finish this soon as this camera seems like it will be a real performer. PS. The reason I sold the ATIK4K was to finish restoring my Ford Capri, she's just got the first coat of paint today so not long now, something to do on those long summer evenings :grin:
  20. My best 3 of 2012, hoping this year works out better. M106 IC63 IC417
  21. That is really fantastic, I have never seen this before like this.
  22. It looks identical to the one FLO are currently selling only different badge.
  23. Thats a very nice image, with some really crisp detail.
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