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Ok..choice down to 2...but which one??

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If at all possible, try and see an 8" dob in real life, to make sure it's of a size that is usable for you.

All the best,


Thanks for the advice Andy! I've seen the threads on size here, so have a pretty good idea of the size, but must confess, haven't seen one in the flesh. The OH is happy to help me lug it into the garden etc, and storage isn't a problem, but being only 5ft and a squidge, I am a little worried about viewing height/ angle...how tall from ground to eyepiece?

Will i be more comfortable on a step/ stool for viewing for example??

Guess this is the sort of thing I'll figure out when I get my hands on it.!!

(Still, I doubt it will be any less uncomfortable than bending over backwards, yoga-style with me bins!!)

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Arrrggghhhh....Jasperuk!! Don't do this to me!!! lol.

Fantastic picture!! But I am a complete technophobe, so I think toying with the idea of AP is beyond my realms....nice try tho!!!

Sorry i just want you to see what's really up there in technocolour so to speak :D i find most people are a bit dissapointed with eyepiece images but surprised when a picture shows the real image the eye just does not seem to pick up, thats why i went this way (150P) i took a picture the other day of an area i presumed had andromeda in it but i could not see a thing through the eyepieces due to light pollution and poor eye sight but on the picture there it was.....blurd and grainy but there.

Remeber i pointed and clicked to get this image it is something i recommend people have a go at even if you borrow some gear from someone else....

Have fun with the dob my first was only 6in and its still working today 8 years later

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I don't think you'd have a problem with viewing height. I've just measured my Skyliner 250, even with it pointing straight up the distance from floor to ep is only 1200mm.

In fact you might even find it easier than I do, less hunching and more comfortable viewing :-)

Edited by Rob L
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Well, after all the great info/advice from you lovely peeps, and decision made, I went to order the Dob, and...you guessed it....out of stock.:D

Hopefully back in again next week..so not too long to wait!

Looking forward to posting my 'first light' experience soon!!(Probably followed by a mass of questions I haven't even thought of yet!)

Thanks again to all who answered this thread, and gave me the confidence to go ahead with my first ever scope purchase.:)

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Regarding the yoga positions with bincs, have you tried using one of those garden sun loungers?

Bit weird, but it works.


It's really frustrating, Andy!! I've got a fab sunlounger, but it's in me caravan, in storage, miles away!!:) Hope to pick it up this weekend, so no more bad back!!!:D

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