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  1. It is something i can fix or do i need to take it for repair do you think ???
  2. Hi Got the scope out for the first time in a year or so last night 200P on an EQ5 motorised mount, its been store in the garage. There are 2 t-bolts and only one is moving free, i can loosen it all the way, the other is turning about 3/4 either way and stopping, anyone know whats going wrong and how i can fit it, i presume i have to get into the head mount or something any advice, web pages or the like would be appreciated
  3. Managed a few images this week from the garden may go out again tonight (M3 and M13)
  4. Is there a model number on the ETX series somewhere so a unit can be identifed ?
  5. If is had both a 2" and 1.25" eye piece made by the same company and the same (mm sizing) what differences would i notice ??? Basically is there any advantage to 2" as apposed to 1.25" Ta
  6. Mostly messier/neb/galaxy hunting kind of thing and the 550 is unmodded
  7. Anyone got one and would it be any good for my SW 200P ???
  8. I got £35 credit and a bit of spare cash to spend on something to help with my astophotography, i was going to grab a filter but i dont know which if any would help me out get better shots. Stockport Binocular & Telescope Centre. Astro Eyepiece filters. Any of the following seem like a good idea for mostly DSO's and some planetry work ? Filter set of 4 Popular Colours for Larger telescopes O-III Narrowband Filters UHC (Ultra High Contrast) Filters Baader UHC-S Nebula Filter Baader Fringe Killer Filter Baader UV/IR Blocking Filter Baader Neodymium Filter with UVblocker coating Baader OIII Filter Baader Contrast Booster Numerious coloured filters Ideas Anyone ?
  9. Is this a you have to book in a tent and stay the night to attend the camp kind of thing ?
  10. I would suggest £350 should get you a reconditioned canon 550D from canon but you already have a web cam and are not doing DSO's, got mine off ebay.... £75 single RA motor.... A decent Light Pollution filter maybe.... I just got a 200P on EQ5 mount for £330 in ebay, an extra 2 inches never hurt anyone
  11. I have just got the 200P EQ5 to replace my 150P EQ3-2 so i cant say much about it yet but if the 150P is anything to go by as a its going to be a bloddy fine scope for astrophotography, only picked it up last night so bring on the clear skies
  12. Through a retailer STBC and he charged me £5 over the price he quoted online and by email
  13. Whats the difference between EQ4 and 5, the reason i ask is a purchased a single motoer for my EQ5 and the box the motor is in says EQ4, would this be a problem ???
  14. Is there any difference in these 2 polar scopes can one not fit into the other mount ?
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