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  1. Alex, what exactly do you use to connect your camera and scope? 2" extender tube maybe??? I have a 600D and a Skywatcher 300P, so pretty similar to you. I usually put the 600D on the back of my Meade OTA, but just fancied do a bit through the Dob. with it for fun. For example, Jupiter looked good last night visually....so I fancied taking a few shots...
  2. Both v nice pics! (Wish I'd thought of stitching last week when i needed to. Damn, damn, damn....)
  3. I'm lining up a purchase of a Star analyser, for a dabble.
  4. Hey nice effort. Just goes to show what one can do in a city!
  5. A presentation from the CfdS suggested playing down the Astromomer-angle, which is purely lack of enjoyment of land/amenity, as the sky in this country is not legally protected; and suggested playing up the 'can't sleep at night/trespass' line - which is.
  6. A friend has got the Meade MySky. Interesting, for what it is, but a bit of a gimmick I thought. Not to knock it though, I'm sure it has its place and would be great for education purposes.
  7. Nibor, top man. Useful info. I've saved that company's website as a favorite & will be checking it out. Mike
  8. Me too, Bish, me too! I'll be extremely surprised if I don't have one by the summer! Now trying to find reasons not to buy one, if you know what I mean!
  9. Most people I know swear by the Telrad. Top of my list! Especially if you match it to the Telrad charts you can get on T'internet. Double-bonus!
  10. If doing on the cheap as you say, you can also put hypothermia foil sheet under your airbed (otherwise known as bacofoil), and the old explorer trick of zipping you spare jacket up and putting the bottom of your sleeping bag in it to keep you feet extra warm.
  11. Well I've learnt my sky - it's one big blob of cloud most of the year. So with a GOTO, I can lock on to an object without seeing it in the finder....wait for the cloud window...wait a bit.....wait a bit...nearly there.....waiiiiitttttt......NOW, there's M27....oh, it's gone again. GOTO fan, don't get me wrong, did 14 hrs observing over last 3 nights with binos and eyes only....
  12. What's that curved trail at the bottom of your pic. Have you caught a UFO as well! LOL.
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