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  1. Although technically an article (and a very good one!) about filter comparisons..... Filter Performance Comparisons - Article The author lists a great number of objects to target through an OIII filter. I've found it very useful in deciding which targets to attempt! Vicky.
  2. oops...I meant M46... Cheers for the extra info! I'll let you know how I get on....! Vicky.
  3. Great report Shane. A really interesting read! My last few nights' out observing, I've tried to observe a few of the PN's on your list...but they seem to be evading me! My skies aren't great, and I think that's playing a big part, but also, having not seen one yet, I don't really know what I'm looking for!! How they appear in the eyepiece....?? I think once I 'see' one, they'll be easier to spot..well, I'm hoping so anyway!! I've very kindly been loaned an OIII filter, and reading your report, I think my best bet may be M47 and its' associated PN..as I find this cluster quite easy to locate. Hopefully, with the filter, my first PN will be within reach!!! Thanks again for the report...it gives me confidence that they're out there for the observing!! Vicky.
  4. Hi there Nigel! Great to hear you've got your scope up and running!! It's a lovely scope, with some great views! Sounds like you had a very satisfying observing session. Some lovely objects there!! (pretty jealous really...haven't had a chance to get out since psp!,and I think those UKAI boys opposite us must have brainwashed me or something....I just bought a web-cam!!) Enjoy, and clear skies!! Vicky.
  5. That's a lovely list there Shane! Was lucky enough to have a great viewing session early on the saturday morning, and saw some lovely sights. Favourites for me over the weekend were seeing M33 for the first time, and getting my first look at the orion nebula!! Absolutely stunning. Can't believe I missed the opportunity to look through your 16" on the saturday night!! What was i doing???? ( oh yeah...I remember...entertaining my dad on his day visit!! ) Ahhh well.......maybe next time!! Vicky. Vicky.
  6. Cheers Steve! As they say....'perseverance...perseverance..!! Vicky.
  7. Hi Sunny! Welcome to the Lounge! Nice to see another Northampton member!! Vicky.
  8. Hi ecosse. Great first light report! Sounds like you're really getting to grips with your new scope. I have the same one, and absolutely love it! You're right...a Telrad is a great piece of kit. Really helps to find those faint fuzzies. You found some lovely objects there....and your eyes aren't decieving you...the Ring nebula does have a hole in it! With good seeing it's a very distinctive 'smoke-ring' shape...one of my favourite objects to view as it's so distinctive! Here's to many more wonderous nights with your new Dob!! Enjoy!! Vicky.
  9. I think so Andrew...probably been looking at it for weeks, but not really 'seeing' it! But now I know what to expect I'll be looking for it again!! Cheers, Vicky.
  10. Finally!! After months of searching for M33 in my backyard with no success.....off to the peak Star Party...dark sky....BINGO!!! ... It was the first target I searched for, located very easily, and rewarded with a lovely view!! It's Biggg!!!! Very happy now!!...except I'm now home with my 'not so dark' skies! Vicky.
  11. Well...the van is packed! just some last minute shopping and then we're off!! Safe journey everyone!! See you all there!!:) Vicky.
  12. Cheers Steve! I'll have a recce with the bins!! :]
  13. Eerrmmm...haven't even started packing yet! Best get cracking I guess!! Iron!! Iron!! T'is the instrument of the devil!! Mine's been under lock and key in the garage these past five years!!! (Two words.....DRIP DRY!!!!! ) Vicky.
  14. Well done Rory! Some lovely objects observed there. I'm a bit of a Glob fan too...can't beat a good Glob!! I'm with you on M33....have been looking for this for weeks! I 'know' I'm in exactly the right place...but not a dickie-bird!!! Thought I saw a very faint 'lightness' in the area once, but i was probably imagining it...as you do!!! Great report!! Cheers, Vicky.
  15. Hey Danny! Great first light report! Sounds like you had a cracking time!! Lovely scope you have there. Can still remember my first time out....found no targets whatsoever....just the thousands of stars that jumped into view!! Been hooked ever since!! Enjoy your new scope!! Vicky.
  16. Good report there Rik! A nice, varied selection of objects...sounds like a great night's viewing. The Saturn nebula is definitely on my list of targets for the next night out. Cheers. Vicky.
  17. I also own a 27mm Pan, and I absolutely love it. Agree with all of Ed's comments above. I use mine in a similar way. Finding objects in it is a joy...even the faint fuzzies seem to jump out at you...But mostly, I can spend hours just panning the sky with it for the wonderful views it gives. I was pretty freaked by splashing so much cash at first....but I don't regret a single penny of it. Can't see me ever parting with the Pan!! Vicky.
  18. Cheers Michael! Pity I've got no 'cash' to spare to fill the room!! Vicky.
  19. Welcome Iain.....from Northants!!!! Vicky.
  20. My birthday surprise...a shiny new EP case!! Getting there...slowly..... Vicky.
  21. Ok...had another crack at it. Was able to get down to 8mm, 150xmag in my scope. Pushing any more than that left me wondering 'is it..or isn't it??!! Just wasn't quite sure if I was seeing a true split, or if my 'eyes' were seeing what they expected to see!! Still, a slight improvement on x300!!! I'll keep at it! This 'splitting' malarky is quite addictive.... Cheers, Vicky.
  22. All great advice guys!! Guess my eyes just need a little more 'training'!! I'll give the hyperion Zoom a go at 10mm, and see how I do...(not had any success at this mag before. A little more concentration perhaps??) Keep you posted!! Vicky.
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