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you've done well with that one MD. It's a dim target and not easy working at F9. 75 secs is pretty good going as well at that focal length. There seem to be some sharpening artefacts so just wondering if you have pushed that a bit too far.

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Yes MD it's definitely better and there's some of the crabby features showing up. If you managed to pull that out I bet you have some of the fuzzy nebulosity as well. The sky is very black and my guess is that the image is a bit clipped at the black end. I think you have probably reduced some sky noise by moving the black point slider in levels over to the right or maybe you have used the black point dropper tool. This might have lost you some fine detail. Maybe better to leave things a bit noisier and show a bit more nebulosity.

Could you post an unprocessed stacked image?

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