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I was re-running things in my head last night (as you do) and just a bit worried that things didn't quite go as smoothly as I had hoped with regard to the set up bit and polar alignment.

So, over the next day or so, I'll do a new document and email it out to you. Hopefully I can make things a bit clearer this time!!


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it might be worth adding the polar alignment built into EQMOD.

Manually set the small polaris circle at 6 o'clock hit the Polaris HA clock in EQMOD toolbox and then press Align Polarscope in the next window that pops up. The mount will rotate to place the small circle correctly and then tweak with the bolts to place polaris in the circle.

I found this function last week and it makes life easy and accurate IF you are controlling the system on a pc.

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Nice video dave.

I have a few questions though..

1. Does the distance between objective lens and mask matter ( no dew shield, or different length dew shields cold be on same scope).

2. I suppose using the mask is better than focussing on stars and that you notice this in your astrophotography/videography. I also suppose that you would have to re-focus with the mask during a long imaging session (as the ambient temperature changes). So, if your eyes aren't good enough then how do you decide when to refocus?

All the best,


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Hi Bob

In answer to your questions.

1. The light coming into the tube is in parallel beams, so it shouldn't make a difference if the Bahtinov mask is a little bit of a distance away from the end of the scope tube.

2. Yes, refocussing is a must, as I pointed out at the recent imaging day. I just keep checking my images to make sure they are still focussed. I tend to check the focus when moving between objects.

It's certainly better than imaging for an hour or more and finding they are all out of focus when you come to process them.

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Something that wasnt mentioned in the notes is the truly superb PolarFinder program (link >>here<< from steppenwolf's website). Give it your location, it knows your time, and display where polaris should appear on the outer circle of the polar scope.


There's also a similar app for the iphone called 'polaralign'.

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