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  1. I haven't tried the later software but APT I thinhk is great.....its nighttime friendly and easy to use and great and setting up imaging sessions....Like it a lot
  2. I have the SW 150 PDS on HEQ5 Syntrek Mount and pretty pleased with it ...... so yours should be excellent... Do you have the Syntrek? If so you don't need to upgrade to go as you can link to a laptop and use something like stellarium linked with ASCOM/EQMOD to have full GoTo, Polar alignement etc... I also have a couple fo webcams (Philips SPC880 modded, HD Lifecam modded) and a DSLR with Baader MPCC..... Once again using software like SharpCap (Webcam) and APT tools (DSLR) i can basically cover all needs.....
  3. I use an old Hp laptop which I remote into via my desktop PC...This is stop gap until I get the Itel Atom mini PC which has enough "grunt" to run what i need and small enough to be put under the HEQ5 lens tray... Its the same price of a second hand lappy and if need can alwyas get one of thoese cheap 7.5 screens:headbang:
  4. Depending on the type of beep or beeps it may signal a hardware failure other than the HDD.... Computer Post / Beep codes Sometimes the board can see failures in memory etc. When you boot go into the bios setting (the screen shoudl tell you whether its ESC, F1 etc) and see if it recognises the HDD, memory etc...
  5. As Above.... I use the combination of the two.............. The Ascom/eqmod allows me to have an Xbox (wirless) controller which if you game a lote means that you can add functions to the buttons and configure it to different slew rates..etc etc.... With Stellarium I use it to "GoTo" using Ctrl + 1 then fine tune with the controller....The star and polar alignment with eqmod great and saves me stressing.....they also have loads of videos to go through the functions.,.......
  6. Welcome to SGL from an old Dagenham boy who used to go to TOTS a lot.... (and Zero 6 occasionally)
  7. The Dell I have has an Express card 34 slot...3 USB slots...HDMI slot and I think a FireWire and eSata slot......trying to get wife to send picture so I can look
  8. I have the Dell 1555 and its been good for running all programms includ CS4 etc. My only grip is the in built mouse pad.....sometimes its sensitivity means it jumps and I end up typing over exisitng work... It has a good screen and battery life pretty good (except in extreme cold...)
  9. How To: Setting up WDS Bridging / Repeating : Introduction Useful guide if anyone is interested
  10. Most wireless routers come with the option to do wireless bridging via the WDS setting....I have a cabin at the end of my garden that has BT freeview, Xbox etc and because I run power through a couple of witch boxes the power network adpaters wouldnt connect. I got two old BT hub routers off ebay v1.5 (£10 and then set up one as master the other slave... I now can get wireless for miles.....well because its zoned its pretty good and can reach te end of the street.....
  11. Official NORAD Santa Tracker For those who wish to know where Santa will be in the coming few days.....Ho Ho Ho...
  12. The laptop should be Ok in the cold but the one thing that worries me (not sure if this is your problem in the obsey) is damp...... I have ha a few laptops that don't work well in humid / damp conditions and this might be where its going wrong. Maybe run the laptop out of the PC bag i.e. mine is one of those that fits around the laptop.....
  13. The other thing I found which looked interesting were:- NEW! Nanosaur 410 - Mini PCs - Dino PC Ltd
  14. Playing Guitar, and after years of team sports, getting addicted to Tennis where I play 5/6 times a week rain wind and snow (well when its not like it has been)...............
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