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  1. Tempted toooooo much, looking forward to giving this a try.
  2. Hi Over the summer months I'm hoping to convert my Orion Optics 12" dob for use on a pier with a suitable EQ mount (not decided on the mount, currently leaning towards old and heavy duty). Eventually I would like to house the whole set up in a roll off roof observatory of some kind but without knowing the final dimensions required, I'd prefer to build the pier, get the tube mounted, then work out how big the obs needs to be! My question is, how tall should the pier be to be able to still put the eyepiece at a useable height (the tube is about 5.5 feet long). Has anyone done this themselves with a 12" f5.3 OTA? Thanks
  3. I took this a couple of weeks ago, 20 odd 2 second exposures seemed to work ok! It was the first time I had used the 200 2.8, barndoor mount next.....
  4. ^ Very good idea. If the general public knew they could get involved with little or no financial outlay (everyone owns a pair of bins don't they?) I'm sure the program would spark an interest in a lot of people.
  5. That's a good price, especially from a place like LCE that gives you a bit of security. The 200mm 2.8 is a cracking lens.....although I've only used mine for normal photography so far....
  6. Thanks! Image Stabalization really makes a massive difference. I took the pic with a 1D, 100-400 at full zoom and a 1.4 extender, all up that's just over 3 kilos, and about 2 feet long. I tried with IS turned off, no chance! Tripod next though...
  7. Had a first go with my new lens saturday night. Managed this handheld which I didn't think was too bad. Image stabalization seems to work well! I'll try next time with a tripod to get things a bit sharper......
  8. You won't regret it! Although it may be wise to check that it fits in the car....assuming you will want to take it places.
  9. Would be a no brainer for me. As long as you can manage the size, get the largest you can handle. Try a google image search for the 10" and look for a pic of it next to someone, you'll be surprised how big they are! My 12" stands about the same height as me on its mount and I'm just under 6'.
  10. what's the worst weather you've left it out in?
  11. Hmmm, greenwitch are only 20 mins away from me. For that price it doesn't seem worth making something up! Thanks
  12. Hi I'm currently in the planning stages of converting my 12" dob for use on a homemade pier and EQ6. The techniques for designing / building the pier and mount adaptor have been covered before, so I won't go over that ground again. What I would like to know is if anyone has made a weather proof cover that would enable the mount to be left in situ on the pier. I don't mean permenantly, but at least shower proof. It's enough effort to get the OTA out and set up without having to worry about the mount too. Cheers
  13. About that when they're on the mount and vertical, but the footprint isn't massive.
  14. Fair enough. I bought my 12" second hand, for a little over your budget, but it will take me a while to outgrow it. People tend to look after astro gear, probably a safer bet than many other secondhand purchases.....but I do get the whole 'new is nice' thing.
  15. Has anyone got experience in eq mounting a 12" newt? I have a 12" 5.3 OO dob that I would now like to mount on a tripod or pier. Although it is within the maximum weight that an EQ6 can carry, I'm concerned that the length of the tube will affect it, or does proper balancing cancel this out?? Thanks
  16. Without wishing to hijack the thread, how about a 12" OO dob placed on an EQ6, is that pushing it for visual use?
  17. Interested in the Letchworth club. I'm also a member of Bedford Astronomical Society, but I spend nearly all of my time now at my girlfriends in Ashwell, so I'd be interested in coming along...... (If anyone from Bedford is reading, don't worry, you haven't lost me yet!)
  18. .....it's all in the routine.......
  19. No need to send me the images now! Did you "re-work" them when you got home, or are they as they were at the observatory?
  20. Thanks. As far as imaging goes, what equipment is required? Sorry for the thread hijacking!
  21. When you say offset, do you mean not along the axis of the tube?
  22. As a total newbie to solar observing, what sort of (visual) results would I expect to get if I was to use solar film on my 12" dob? I know aperture probably doesn't make any difference on something that bright!
  23. Handling the 300 is quite easy, It's not as heavy as I imagined it would be. At over 5 foot long, the hardest bit is making sure you don't hit door frames when taking it outside!
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