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Just got iMerge

Kaptain Klevtsov

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Had a play just now with some lunar shots from this afternoon. I noticed the X shaped feature top right, anybody know if that's the famous lunar X?

The program works remarkably well and I'm very impressed.


Taken with the SC3, Ha filter (I read that it helps) and OMC140 Mak.

Jordan value of about 3.4.

Stacked in Registax 4, single alignment point, saved and re-used the wavelets to get the images consistent.

The moon is incomplete due to :D:):(

Hope you like it.

Captain Chaos

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For all you folks that have never or not used iMerge before here is a tip for processing your avi files.

Process all your Avi files with identical Registax settings.

This will ensure that they all come out the same shade so that when you merge them

the joins are seamless.

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