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This morning I saw those formation flying satilites..


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Completly by chance! I was skiving in the garden at work at about 0630 looking for Saturn but being completly blinded by Venus when I looked up and saw a very close diamond formation of 4 satellites heading roughly N/S, fairly slowly. They were bright enough to be seen though the 'security' lighting we have. I bet they'd have been anawesome sight from somewhere dark!

I've read about them on here before but can't find the posts now and google's not turning up much.

Anyone got any info ?

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How odd, I saw Saturn at 6.45ish this morning, very dim against the morning sky and rings slightly more tilted than earlier in the year. I also thought I saw some funny lights towards Venus but thought it was my imagination, (had yet to have coffee!)

However Venus was a lovely large cresent this morning, and was visible in west Cornwall till mid morning when I no longer could make it out without a scope.

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i never heard of these groupings of satellites before (you never stop learning) but i remember being outside with my binos a long time ago, cant remember the time or what i was viewing even, but i remember three sats coming into the field of view of the 10X50s, couldnt see them with the naked eye, the trajectory was north fro the SSE to the NNW

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