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  1. Thats a really lovely picture. I especially like the craters at the bottom, they look enormous! I wonder what the moon would look like from the bottom up?
  2. It's the Skymasters, If it had been the lidl pair i'd have probably taken them to bits by now but the skymasters are a bit more precious. I will have a look at the link Ed and see how I get on, I don't suppose I can break them any more than they are at the moment.. Thanks all. Antx, I learned my lesson too. I'd left them on the window sil and came across them in the toy box with a dulplo horse wedged in between the thingys a couple of days later - what they have been up to in that time is anyones guess. Thankfully, and surprisingly the lenses seem fine but they must have taken a bash. I should have known better, the boy is into everything!
  3. And we seem to have gained another moon and whole new jupiter in our solar system.. I'm seeing double:mad: So, Where can i send them to get them re-collimated? It is not something I am willing to attempt myself <hamfisted> Thanks
  4. Everyone has to start somewhere thought don't they. Even Brian Cox was an 'Interested Layman' once, Hell, Patrick Moore must have been at some point in the distant past. I bought a load of books when I first got interested in astronomy and to be honest with you none of them get used very much. I use the pocked universe app on my iphone much more, most days infact. It was free. Which specific books are you talking about ? TLAO and Nightwatch are great and those are the books most beginners buy, aren't they ?
  5. These are my favourite type of images, they always get me really thinking about what must be out there! I love the way you've laid it out' thank you
  6. I'd be quite happy to have a car ban Air pollution's been hideous here for days. My FIL has a bad chest ( due to asbesdos, i suspect ) and he's been really suffering
  7. ahhhaa ! Where is this GC ? all the ones locally are rubbish ( i've only called them that 'cos of the swear filter!)
  8. TJ 10,00 plants ! How big is your garden ? My garden could really do with a good drenching. We'll have a hosepipe ban at this rate I've not had the scope out for ages, conditions have been terrible here for ages.. except, predictably, the nights i'm at work.
  9. Lovely pictures! I bet they don't do it justice though, it must be magical to actually see it with your own eyes
  10. I've watched it now and tbh it lost interest by the end and went in the garden to look for the ISS+shuttle. It was a bit slow. Hope it improves, I loved the frost series.
  11. heavens above was down for me too! glad to be reminded on here, thanks Brant I get a real buzz out of satellites and that is the frost time vie everr seen the shuttle so i am chuffed to bits! good way yo start a 12 hour nightshift..
  12. I took mine to work last night as it was the first clear night we've had for ages and i had a look at saturn and could see the 'ears' poking out the side but no detail and it was tiny! I think if you ad a decent tripod it'd be worth a punt.. my tripod weighs a ton and i think my boss might be a bit it i go it out in the middle of a shift
  13. I've not seen it yet, I was working so it'll have to wait till tomorrow to pass judgement. Ive been looking forward to it loads, I hope it's as good as I've been hoping. I have to say though there are a lot of comments on here that make Me^ even more convinced that BC and his teeth need to stay well away from The Sky At Night. Are you listening Mr. Beeb ?
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