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  1. http://www.excelsis.com/1.0/entry/orion-megavista-16.8mm-22-124.html?PHPSESSID=27ab0cc8166d43c7369c85fce877e7a0 I own this, best ep i have. HOwever, i use it quite a bit for birding, and its prone to blackouts. Very sharp image and more or less 0 chromatic aberation. This one is made in japan(or claims to be). Like alot of stuff, its all chinese made now......dip in quality perhaps??
  2. chl with skys the limit ....he told me in the past he can get a version of this ep. SO worrth asking.
  3. joy8899 think they offer full refund if not happy, chk with owner.
  4. http://www.kkohki.co...on HW eyepieces ` Nikon now offers the new hyper wide 102 degee FOV NAV-HW series eyepieces. This series consists of two focal lengths, the 12.5mm NAV-12.5HW and the 17mm ` I just noticed they do a set of 100deg eps. look smart, but overpriced. AM guessing these are pretty rare in uk!
  5. no point in going to the moon either...i can see it from here!
  6. would prefer a 45deg viewing angle......but i guess a small wallet=compromise! thanks for info )
  7. friend was at guisborough priory last night, and reported on her fkhk pages seeing meteors. dont really have any details tho...
  8. the first one looks very similar to the williams optics version. I bought one for 40 quid a while back, but its broke apart.....my diy repair didnt work too well(gaffa tape job) def gone bit fuzzy since the break....i have a lightweight scope i used whenon long walks (celestron 70) low quality glass, so its now paired with the busted prism..... `If something only works to about 30m` its not that its out of focus, its just noticeable poor quality image beyond a certain distance.....esp noticeable when onjects are against the sky: the image is soft and has chromatic aberation. These defects arent onvious when objects are relatively close.
  9. AM after a 45deg prism for occasional nature viewing. I treid one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seben-s-45-31-7mm-1-25-AP1-Amici-erecting-prism-for-refractor-telescopes-/380449199893?pt=AU_Cameras_Telescopes_Binoculars&hash=item58948a1715 its not great....does ok upto 30m or so, then image loses sharpness and some colour aberation is noticeable. I have a vintage bushnell erecting prism, that is `straight through` and very good quality. However i want to have an angled one as well..... IS it possible to get one under £50, a decent one i mean...
  10. `I wonder when we will get astro zoom with AFOV like these spotting scope zoom. ` there used to be an adapter for leica eps to convert to 1.25. Leica 8.9-17.8 ASPH - 60-80deg, Zeiss 8.4-25.1 - 48-68deg, Swarovski 20-50x W these eps are ~£250 or more.....hard to find them 2nd hand, you would have to burn a 4 leaf clover to find any under 200 quid. its possible you could find someone who wants to swop for a wide angle ep, but really they arent easy to get hold of, at a decent price. `Meopta 7.9-18.5mm constant 66 deg.` dint know about that,,,made in czech republic or something?
  11. was discussing with someone today about the hole in reality that are baader hyperions. Ive have owned both the zoom and wide abgle eps. I cant understand why they dont offer the wide angles with a twist up eyecup. imo would work well with the high eyepoint. In the present format they suffer from blackouts....which could be solved with the twist up option. I cant see why they havent already done this. AM i missing something obvious? Surely am not alone on this?
  12. `be aware that you will probs have to pay customs charges` do you really need the whole set? decide which FL you would use most..... plenty of 30mm plossls on ebay or available from 2nd hand astro sites. post some wanted ads on here for whatever FL, am sure theres plossls of members sittingabout in cupboards; got half dozen myself! in my exp anything under $60 = free of customs charges.
  13. is this meant to replicate a certain zoom ? http://www.celestron.com/astronomy/deluxe-zoom-eyepiece-8-24.html specs appear similar...
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