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  1. I've messed up somehow, It reaches focus about 10" out from the focuser Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Well my prototype is sort of finished. I ned to make a secondary spider as I'm not happy just bodging this one in. I've used PVC pipe and copper tubing to keep the entire cost under £40. Time to fit the main mirror, align and point at the horizon.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm speechless, looking forward to seeing the completed project.
  4. Whilst I await the mirrors from Astroboot, - which may be a while.... I've got a section of 8" pipe too short for an OTA but I'll knock something together in a strut design. I'm aiming to keep it simple. I'm unsure whether to make a dobsonian mount or a pipe mount.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. A good read. I think the secondary in the 130mm was oversized due to it being a faster f-ratio. In theory the secondary only needs to be 4mm bigger... I did see a 40mm secondary on astroboot, but I'm trying to keep my costs down. I'm a quick look at the moon and planets guy anyhow.... Heck I'm making do with a 76mm f4 firstscope at the moment. Thats ok for the moon but struggles with anything else.
  6. Well I've brought a secondary mirror of astroboot for £8. Some might call me foolish as it's for a 130mm rather than a 150. However it's a slower scope and will only get used for planetary viewing. Hopefully coupled with a low profile focuser I'll get away with it.....
  7. Thanks Ajohn, they have had one or two good deals on mirrors this last week. I was very tempted by a 10" mirror for £80. However, I have a strict budget and I'd like to put the whole scope together from bits and pieces for under £50. Thats a challenge I know. A few years back I lashed up a 3" f10 in a off-cut of waste pipe and used a plumbing fitting for a focuser. It gave surprisingly good views of the moon. I'd like this time to be more professional and try to make something like this....https://stellafane.org/tm/tg/kinn/kinn.html
  8. I've just brought a 150mm primary mirror on astroboot for £24. I sold my previous VIxen 90mm f11 last month. I have a couple of questions, - The Vixen gave excellent planetary views, - can I expect the same with a 6" f8 mirror? How big does my secondary have to be? Is it critical, or can I use an old one from a 114mm reflector? Many thanks, wish me luck!
  9. I've just got a firstscope for £20. What a nice little grab and go setup. Good looking too. I'm not so sure that it will give the stunning views it promises, but it should give some nice low power widefield views. By the way I covered the ota in white vinyl, it makes it easier to see in the dark, a black ota is a trip hazard in my own opinion. Sorry I can't rotate the photos!
  10. There is a German company that makes leatherette for cameras and binoculars, it's available in many different colours. The name escapes me, but I'll post any more details if I can find them. Don't use tape or such, vintage binoculars with good optics are increasing in value. I have quite a few pairs, as I don't like modern roof prisms.
  11. Typo! - the thread title ought to read " Has anybody built a binoscope?" I can't seem to edit it!
  12. I've just read this intresting article about a diy bino scope. It appears that it could be built rather cheaply from refractors and binoculars. Im thinking of two cheap department store refractors, and I have lots of binoculars, and prism bodies.... http://davetrott.com/oversize-binoculars/big-binoculars/ Please post any photos homemade or commercial, but preferably DIY!
  13. I collimated mine with a laser collimater and adjusted the secondary mirror. I got it pretty close. It was perfect for quick moon spotting.
  14. I'd second the idea of a secondhand scope. I got my Vixen custom 90 f12 for £70 secondhand complete with mount. For planetary use it could compete with a dobsonian 2 or three times it's size. But that's just my opinion. Refractors are maintenance free, and give better contrast. Reflectors give more aperture for your money so it evens out really!
  15. I recently brought a 35 x 60 Telstar binocular on eBay. I new it would be useless but nothing prepared me for just how bad it was. The exit pupil is tiny. Even on a bright sunny day the image is never in focus and lacks any kind of clarity. However a quick experiment with some low power wide angled eyepieces from another binocular vastly improves the image. So perhaps I'll bodge something up!
  16. I've just brought an old Telstar 35 x 60. I know I'm a fool but I plan on stripping them down, changing the prisms and swapping for low power oculars. I might get a half decent binocular out of it. Plus for a tenner I have the parts for a cheap 60mm finder if it goes wrong. However, the description was short. " Binoculars, old measure 35cm by 60cm." When I get the item, I could have all sorts of fun with the " item does not match description...."!
  17. Well, I'm not far from Camborne. Thanks for the replies everyone.
  18. I owned a similar scope for a while. They perform better with a 1.25 adaptor and some decent eyepieces. They are good for low to medium powers, and for £8 better than some of the rubbish sold on the high street...
  19. Thanks for the replies. These binoculars perform very well, I've stripped them down, cleaned the prisms and oculars and reassembled. The less common but more sort after Barr and Stroud CF 41 is considered a gem for astronomical use. This is also very good, the wide offset prisms constructed in one piece allow for an excellent 3d image with decent light transmission. Whilst un coated, they are are a joy to use. The recticule in the r/h side is a pain in daytime use, but under the stars is not noticeable. I had an enjoyable view of m31 in these in less than favourable conditions. The fact that they have also seen use in ww2 in coast watch and anti-aircraft duties, adds to their charm. They come apart very easily for servicing and cleaning. A must for any optic used in military operations. I'll post some photos.....
  20. I recently found these old ross bino prism 7 x 50 for £3 in a junk shop. They've been repainted, I'm carefully trying to pick the paint out of the inscriptions. The right hand side incorporates a scale for military sighting. They are very clear and give excellent views.
  21. I could do with some stargazing buddies. My wife and our friends have no time for celestial matters. I'm in West Cornwall live on a farm/small holding with excellent dark sky viewing. Are there any fellow stargazers in my neck of the woods? It would be good to meet like minded people who enjoy all things astro. By the way, my not so local astro club meets once a month and does very little observing, I've tried that already...
  22. I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but fitting a Barlow lens in the optical train before a diagonal moves the focus point further back. This allows the use of a diagonal and 1.25 eyepieces and easily focuses at infinity. I've made a quick lash-up out of cardboard tube that slips over the Barlow and the end of the diagonal. All being well it will be made to look better later. Not bad for a £5 car boot lens. At 82mm diameter and 1000mm f/l ( Barlow included) it should give decent views of the moon and brighter planets. I might piggyback it onto my vixen 90 f11 and compare then side by side later.
  23. I've made one. It worked very well at moderate magnifications. I then broke it up for firewood when I brought my GOTO mount.
  24. Its a Trust 2mp webcam from maplin. Dashcam is the only app that will recognise the webcam. However it has simple Contrast and Gamma controls, and allows a number of screen resolutions. Whilst it's no substitute for a webcam connected to a laptop, it does offer a degree of flexibility and an option to those that are unwilling or unable to use a laptop outdoors. I'm sure it would work much better on a large Android tablet. It should be possible.
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