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revelation photo-visual eyepiece set

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the revelation eypiece set costs about 130 odd quid and has some good write-ups in various magazines.

I was looking at a barlow, and a t-adaptor for my SLR, add a case to this and I'll be about 1/2 way to a cost of the above set. So in effect if I buy the set I'll be getting the rest of the set for about 60 quid equivalent.

Is this set worth getting in this context?

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The fact that you are asking about an eyepiece kit says to me that you are pretty new to owning a telescope?

I have to say as a relative new owner that i think eyepiece kits offer great value for money for new telescope owners who may be on a budget.

They offer you a nice range of magnification at a low cost until such a time that you are confident enough to start spending a bit more on individual EP's and they hold their cost when and if you decide to sell them second hand.

The Revelation photo visual eyepiece kit is considered by many to be the superior eye piece kit on the market.

You may use a couple of the filters. Does the Revelation kit include a moon filter?

I know it includes a t-ring to attach a DSLR to scope.

Go for it. It will hold its cost if you want to sell it in a year or two.

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I've no experience of the Meade set but the Celestron set is not too good imho. Only 1 ep is multi element and 2 ep's are too small to use - like looking down a straw. The rest are average at best single element lenses. The filters seem ok but I've not used them in earnest.

The Revelation kit is all useable, has the basic photography bits to get you going, and has better quality ep's. At the price it's the best value for money I feel and will have a good residual value :)

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I have the Revelation Photo Visual Kit and it think it is good and i have had some very nice views with all the eyepieces. If you are looking for something to get you started and give good results i would give this kit the thumbs up. Good value too.

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Thanks for the replies - yes I am new to owning a scope. I've got a celestron nxstar 127 mak - which is proving to be exactly what I needed - it is an excellent 'grab and go' scope. Last night from noticing that the clouds had dissapeared to having it set up in the garden, took less than 5 minutes.

It came with a 9mm and 25mm eyepiece. but i'd like to get a camera adaptor and the moon filter suggestion is also a good one. Once I price a barlow, t adaptor, moon filer and case then i'm more than halfway to buying the revelation set, and the extra eypieces would be useful too.

Decision made anyway, order will go off today!

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