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  1. Just found out very sad news. We've lost one of our few true national treasures. RIP Patrick, you'll be well remembered.
  2. Yeah, Weebl peaked at the 'Amazing Horse' animation. Everything since has been a bit lame.
  3. Yeah that's backlash. You should always have a little to allow for the expansion and contraction of the metals in the mount (as temps vary) without the gears binding, but 30 secs worth does sound a bit extreme.
  4. HEQ5 Pro for sure. I had a Mak on mine for a while and it was really solid, though far from the ideal scope for deep sky. I suspect you'd do alright with an ED80 on a CG5GT due to the low weight and shorter focal length, but the added solidness of the HEQ5 will come in one day and the guide port is nice to have.
  5. For a spot nearer to you, the northern part of the Peak District has so good spots and it's only a 10-15min drive from you. Some nice skies in the Lakes/Dales, too. Of course it's not gonna be as good as northern Scotland, but it's a lot closer
  6. I can't believe no-one has asked to two main questions! What's going on it and what are you doing with it, ie, visual or photo? For visual use with a payload up to say 8kg, the CG5GT might be easier to live with. Need more info really
  7. I'm using the Revelation Quartz LX diagonal. Nicely made and optically superb. Under £90 too so it's not expencive.. Diagonal Dielectric 99% Quartz LX EDIT: Ah sorry, you're wanting one that swaps to a refractor ain't ya
  8. QHY have a CMOS based planetary cam either coming out soon or recently out which looks very promising. Dion has had one on test for a few weeks now and has had very promising results. Not sure about pricing but I don't think it'll cost the earth.
  9. It's a good forecast for many places tonight... fingers crossed This winter is proving to be far better than last winter, at least for me. I think I got 2 nights in last winter. Already had 10 or so, so far this winter, a couple of those really good.
  10. This thread is a months old it keeps popping backup cheers though!
  11. Cheers You can get away with the Moon because it's so bright and therefore the exposure time is very short (1/160th of a sec). You can do planets at a push but it's a case of letting the object drift across the field of view, which, if you're using a webcam, is very small. Therefore there isn't the time to get enough frames. Plus it's a PITA If you're wanting to do DSO's at some point, get an EQ mount
  12. Just an FYI for anyone wanting anything from TS; Bern @ Modern Astronomy is their main UK importer and as such can generally do items a bit cheaper than going direct to TS and he doesn't charge delivery. He stocks quite a bit of TS stuff, too, especially adapters and such.
  13. I've just mounted a C11 on my HEQ5. It's just good enough for visual and with the f6.3 FR it's just steady enough for imaging... just. I would think a CG5 might be tolerable for visual but nothing like for imaging.
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