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simple scope question


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Using my trusty bresser skylux in daylight I get a kind of milky vignettimg effect regardless of which ep

I use and even if I take out the diagonal and bung the ep directly into the tube.

At night I don't notice it so I'm assuming its some sort of reflection effect?

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Probably TBF. The baffling in the tube may be to blame. If you look down the objective end, does the internal look a bit shiny?

There's a shiny area just after the point where the focussing tube enters the main tube. The objective

lens itself is quite reflective and doesn't have any green tinge like my binoculars.

Would it help if I painted that shiny area with matt paint used in modelling or something?

For the money I paid for it, I wouldn't like to spend too much time or cash on something which is effectively a nice little moon watching scope but if there's something simple I can do I might as well. The best thing about buying a cheap scope is that I'll appreciate the quality stuff when I finally get my hands on it. Frankly I think the etx 90 I'm borrowing could be more impressive for 500 smackers - starting with the poxy little focusser!! I wouldn't buy one.

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Just to clear this up, so there's no more ambigiuty, its ten by fifty after the bins I bought last summer not tenby fifty, tenby being a rather pleasant little coastal resort in west wales.

Since your on this thread WH, I seem to remember you saying that you bought a bresser skylux for a relavtive so they could look at ships on the Firth of Forth - did you ever notice that milky vignetting in daylight I talked about above.

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