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  1. He's not just talking about making amino acids or other bulding blocks of life, he's talking about an actual replicating cell made in a laboratory, literally making life from scratch in a reproducible way, mind blowing if its really possible.
  2. in case u missed this on Radio 4s Inside Science one researcher at least is very optimistic about creating life from scratch in a lab: go to 14.27 mins http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b05wyq6g the whole segment starts at 6.00 mins
  3. beginners guide/tips in this weeks Amateur Photographer magazine. just a heads up for those thinking of having a go
  4. RE Is this a Harpoon cable or something else ? Spooky that I'm struggling to think what natural phenomenon could create such a regular structure out in space. Maybe reinforced concrete came to Earth via comets!
  5. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-29932609 haven't posted for ages but this pic really caught my imagination. what a privilege to witness the birth of a solar system. who knows what will happen there billions of years from now, maybe another Earth might form there, amazing!
  6. just wondered if a short wide aperture scope with the right ep can give u the same view as the biggest (affordable) binoculars ie 25x100s?
  7. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/international-space-station-last-chance-7643566 also nice pics from space of greatest country on Earth!
  8. cheers 4 that, cloudy 2nite i think, i'll have another go tomorrow
  9. i may have been looking in wrong place but according to SA it is mag 10.7 so maybe I need bigger bins you can add it to stellarium (SA) if u search for comet jacques:config window(F2)/ plug-insselect solar system editor then hit configure buttonsolar system tab/import orbital elements...online search tab/enter 'comet jacques'it should appear in list of solar system objects as C/2014 E2 (Jacques)you may have to restart SA
  10. looked for it last night but couldn't see it using 10x50s was looking in area to left of mirphak. also does stellarium show comets ?
  11. http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/james-webb-telescope-sunshield-complete-nasa-unfurls-a-1000000-spf-umbrella-9633111.html
  12. Silly thread but at least its Topic-al !!
  13. sorry to hear about your medical problems. i had a bout of sciatica last year and it is pretty nasty. i hope it eases off for you real soon.
  14. u would at least think there would be a bar chart breaking down accidents by transport type ie drivers, cyclists, pedestrians etc also, by time of night eg is there a spike after the pubs close etc. just saying "deaths rose by 39 per cent, serious injuries rose by 27 " is not very informative. Its what I hate most about rags like the Daily Heil , they just want to inject emotion into every article rather than take a rational, analytical , problem solving approach.
  15. i think magazines are a bit different as the content is much more detailed and after a while they turn into a reference library eg photography or guitar playing magazines describe useful techniques. TV is a more fickle and fussy market i think.
  16. can a programme that's only on once a month really complete with the instant news source which is the internet. there wasn't anything in the last episode that i couldn't have found out more quickly and in more detail on the net and also which will be reported more quickly eg the piece about inflation and the big bang was hot news a few weeks ago. I really think S@N needs some kind of new USP eg why use professional astronomers like CL and MAP just as reporters and presenters. It would be nice to have something about their work in the show. When SPM was alive the whole show seemed more personal to him rather than just another science programme which is how S@N feels now especially when u have high profile presenters like Iain Stewart suddenly popping up; all of a sudden it felt like his show rather than S@N because he is so well known. Also does anyone else find that ping-pong style of presentation between CL and MAP kind of annoying. ie he says a sentence then she says a sentence, back and for. it feels totally unnatural .
  17. my friend just sent me an email : "Apparently the Dragon spacecraft is resupplying the ISS tonight. I was told you should be able to see both craft as they meet up."anyone know owt about it?
  18. hey , 2 copies sold ! me and anthony should be on commission from amazon i reckon !!!
  19. there are some funny moments but its not a full blown comedy like red dwarf or hitch hikers. Its really a drama about a guy trying to survive on Mars after his crew mates unintentionally leave him behind thinking he is dead. somebody described it as Castaway meets Apollo 13 which sums it up quite well .
  20. yes, i am about to finish this book. It is much better than I thought it would be and its funny how u can read a lot of dry facts about Mars and think "oh very interesting" and then someone writes a piece of fiction and magically you're transported there thinking about what it would be like to be the only person stranded on a remote planet and what the views would be like eg the mountains, valleys or looking over the rim of a vast crater etc. I was wondering if it would make a good film and according to wikipedia : "Twentieth Century Fox optioned film rights in 2013" not sure if this means they've bought the rights or how imminent a film is but it sounds promising . If u don't read the book then go and see the film if it ever gets made. PS have i just broken the record for the time taken to reply to a new thread? what the book is about: NASA astronaut Mark Watney, a botanist and mechanical engineer, is left stranded on Mars when the crew of the Ares 3 mission is forced to evacuate their landing site in Acidalia Planitia due to a dust storm. Watney is impaled by an antenna during the evacuation, destroying his EVA suit's bio-monitor computer, and his five crewmates believe him to be dead. With no way to contact Earth, Watney must rely on his scientific and technical skills to survive...
  21. when i was a lad guys were landing on the moon and then there was sky lab and soyuz linking up in the middle of the cold war and star trek and dr who were on telly and star wars and close encounters were in the flix and patrick moore was either doing sky at night or being sent up by mike yarwood or ronnie barker so i reckon i was brain washed really.
  22. This week's New Scientist also has an article on these latest discoveries. Apparently this potential proof that inflation really happened in the early universe also provides evidence of a multi-verse (ie multiple universes) but i am not sure why that is so. Any takers?
  23. short clip about how boffins made their recent discovery about the early universe - quite enlightening actually bound to be a Horizon episode about this quite soonand they'll take an hour to say what this video does in 2 minutes!!!
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