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I have the HEQ5 mount with both motors. I have noticed that the RA mototr does not seem to be working correctly. I can feel it 'ticking' etc but things are not staying steady, they are drifting. After a while it seems to sort itself but its a bit annoying. Last night I had a play with the motor clutch dis-engaged and there seems to be a bit of play when I manually turn the RA screw before the mount moves. Is this something that can be sorted i.e. tightening up somthing or do I just live with it?


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I have been wondering what it was since I got it. Well thats it then, it must be an EQ5. There are knobs to turn but I have the motors attached so I disconnect the clutch when I want to manually control the scope. So how do I fix it?

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Sounds like you have an EQ5 in which case it might be just that the RA clutch needs to be adjusted, or tightened on the spindle it's attached to (needs an Allen key to do this).

The manual for fitting the drives to an EQ5 might help - heres a link to it: http://www.opticalvision.co.uk/documents/41.pdf

Hope thats some help,


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I dont think it is the clutch that needs adjusted, 'cos when I unlock the clutch I can turn the pole about 5MM either way before the mount moves, I am thinking that something needs tightened. I will take a look at the website to see if it has any tips.

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The shaft that goes through to the slomo cable has a worm on it that is held against the wheel by tension. This tension is adjusted by the two Allen bolts underneath that hold the worm housing to the body of the mount. If the worm is not meshed properly with the wheel then there will be a gap. This will cause the backlash. Loosen the two Allen bolts a little and press the assembly against the wheel. Tighten the bolts again at the same time. If this does not fix it then it is end float in the worm which is a little more involved.


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