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Damn DIY!!!

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Have spent the weekend constructing my conservatory, with a small army of generous friends. By the time I had cleared up from the day, had a bath and a little nibble, I was simply too shattered to set up :)

Last night was looking pretty clear as well, although the seeing was a little fuzzy (unless I was so tired it was my eyes :? )

Tonight and tomorrow night look a little better, so might have a chance then

Hope you guys had better luck :)


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Here you go - excuse the grinning monkeys, but they had worked hard all weekend so I think it fair to let them have their moment of glory! :)


Not a bad piccy, seeing it was taken with my phone!!


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Gaz: Well, I could get her an extra jumper for Christmas, do you think that would work???

Russ: Now that sounds like the better plan :)

I shall start construction immediately :)

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Just to keep you all up to date, we finished the roof contruction today (Sunday) - I'll post up a piccy soon (I have to do a 'star trails' fix on it first, it came out a little blurred!)

It doesn't look like a lot work, but trust me it was!!

And just so that I don't feel bad, the clouds have been here all day, and look set to stay for the evening as well!

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James, I am in charge of Tea Making, Bacon Buying, Sealant Gun Holding, Fetching and Carrying, Pencil Sharpening, Drill Bit Changing (recent promotion :) ).

I can't read the flippin' instructions mate - it's all down to my buddies. It's gonna cost me a few beers and a slap-up curry once it's all done, but will be worth it!

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