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have anyone used the Max DSLR Camera Adaptor


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Hi all, I was looking on FLO at adaptors and t-mounts for my 1000d, so I can try imaging with it, even if I have to use a barlow to focus on my 130p, when I came across the following on Flo: Adaptors - Max DSLR Camera Adaptor.

Now it says that it is low-profile for use with short focal lengths refractors and reflectors, so I was wondering if any have had any luck with it to help with the focuser travel problems. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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I have both models (Nikon & Canon) which I used on the 150p. It offered some relief in terms of in-travel (just a few mm) but I was already able to get focus with the 150p. So I cant be sure if it would work with a 130. But otherwise, its a very useful bit of kit and is threaded for 2" filters.

Really, you need to get away from using the barlow as its a real killer for imaging times (I made the same error when I started).

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No, it's a 2" fitting. You'd need a SCT to 2" female if you were using it behind a SCT reducer....you might also need a spacer to achieve the recommended 110mm spacing between the reducer and the CCD.


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