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Ok flockin finished,few pics.

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After a long weekend getting my new skyliner 200p flocked it is eventually done.

You will notice while i had the tube stripped down i thought i would give it a subtle change in appearance.

Sprayed ends with enamel paint and put the silver trim between the black and white of tube.

Also just for now the george cross.lol.(how sad).

Flocking done to superb standards inside,even if i say so myself,well for first time anyway.

So now the whole thing looks a little different too.

Blackened secondary mirror edges and rear.

Also smaill rubber grommets between the silver tensioners for the spider and the tube assembly.

Makes adjustment a nicer feel,also doesnt scratch the paint work.

All done without a hiccup.

Click photo for larger size

Thanks all







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Very nice job on the scope, might have a crack at it myself if the improvements are worth it. Just got ask where did you source the paint from and how many sheets are required to flock the inside of the tube?

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Thanks for the speedy reply, I've measured the length of my OTA and found it to 104cm long and 71cm in circumference.

Working on this, one 28" wide sheet would just about fit around the inside of the tube and it would take two 20" long sheet to go the length, but if my conversions are correct this would leave a 2-3cm gap in flocking, but since it would end up at the base of the tube some about level with mirror I'm assuming it wouldn't matter? Also I'd have none left for flocking any eyepieces but this can be done at a later date.

Couldn't find any enamel black paint on HobbyCraft's website and I don't live local enough to one to buy some instore so I've had quick look for any alternatives. A person on another thread mentioned "blackboard paint" and quick search brings up this from wilkos which I can collect easily enough from the store in Crewe.

Wilko Quick Dry Blackboard Paint Black 500ml at Wilkinson Plus

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Glad ive give you the incentive to do it,think youll be dead happy,i reckon no matter what telescope you have always try to get the best out of it,bearing in mind these scopes are built to a price and they are not expensive to us.

So there will be things that can be done to improve things,even simple things like making sure your secondary mirror holder is central in the tube and collimation is good.

When i got mine my spider looked a bit scew like it had been thrown in from 20 yards in a game.lol.

Enjoy it,any help or advice i can give get in touch.


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I must remember to do that bit as well and not forget the edge of the focus mount, not the drawtube and if possible all the nut and bolts that stick into the interior.

I'll get them painted before putting them back on, saves them getting stuck to the flocking with paint.

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I received the flocking this morning courtesy of johninderby, great service sent first class on monday.

I am going to have to wait a few days before I get a chance to flock because I still haven't been to wilkos to pick up the blackboard paint I ordered and also I want to keep the scope in one piece just in case of a clear night. I am still waiting to see c/2009 r1 :D

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...So wheres this comet meant to be in the sky?


I have read that it is somewhere around the perseus/andromeda border closing in on for a conjunction with M34 in a few days time. I am really not happy about the forecast for cloud over the next week because it seems it will be lost to the twilight by the middle of June :D

The way things like this always pan out points to this being at least partly down the flocking I've just bought :D

Comet C/2009 R1 McNaught

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I had enough to flock the inside of my focuser tube as well when I did my 8" I also blackboard painted the inside parts of the focuser and the draw tube but leaving two 'strips' clear where the rollers are in contact with the tube, also did the plate that is behind the finder mount and the protruding bolts that are there.

If you are flocking and have the scope stripped it's also a really good idea to accurately align your focuser at the same time.

My flocking thread :-


Focuser alignment


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Funny you should mention this,as only after i got a laser collimator yesterday did i find out how much my focusser was off,i had lots of problems trying to collimate using the laser,and it was due to the focusser being off,needed shimming at the top,so i places a few washers inder there.all fine now.

Like i said before thses scopes are made to a price,so not surprising there so many things you can do to improve things.

I treat it like a part assembled kit which needs finishing off.lol.:D

Good tutorial though,easily explained.

Hope its back together soon:)


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That's a great guide tophouse, something that I need to remember after flocking. In your guide you say that to align a Skywatcher 10:1 crayford there are three screws to do this but where would these screws be on my standard rack and pinion focuser?

I can only see the four screws that hold it to the tube and four underneath on the plate that holds the focus knob spindle. Maybe since it is an old focuser, a few years old I think, there is no possibility for adjustment???

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Maybe not on your r+p focusser.but then thats no reason not to adjust it if needed,i actually on mine needed to put some very small washers,electrical type ones from maplins will do,inbetween the focusser and the tube,so the bolts go through them.

This will be fine and you can make just the same adjustment as anyone else that way.

It did try my patience trying to get it all (perfect).I would never of bothered only for getting the laser collimator(its got alot to answer for).

But hopefully now when its clear again one day this year i will be able to try it.

Thanks and hope this helps Gary

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