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Binocular Help!!!!!!

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hi all kelly here,

i may have posted this before but i seemed to have lost my binos cannot find them anywhere i dont think they were taht good to be honest

can anyone help on a good pair of binoculars ( cheap not 100s of pounds) binoculars that will basically help me locate galaxies and nebulas i know they wont look amazing just enough to know where to get my scope



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I'd appreciate views on this, too. I have a really cheap 10x50 from Lidl, that's good for the money, but I'm considering something better and I'm currently wondering about the Celestron 15x70 (Celestron) or the Pentax 10x50 (Porroprism - Pentax 10x50 PCF WP II).

The Celestron's a fair bit cheaper and I like the idea of the larger aperture but The Pentax seems highly regarded, although it's more expensive for a smaller aperture. I prefer to use a tripod, so I'm not concerned about the size and weight.

Does anyone have any opinion on the relative merits of these two or have any other suggestions?


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Hi Kelly and Mike.

I don't have a great deal of experience of bins , not expensive ones anyway.

But i'm sure someone with a bit more know how will come along shortly.

Mine cost £20 new from my local binocular and telescope shop.and worked a treat until I dropped them.They were 10 x 50 so were a little more comfy for me to hold up for longer, than the bigger 15 x 70.

The optics were good as far as my eyes could tell and were a great aid for finding stuff when i got my scope.

Hope this helps a little .

regards craig :o

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Hi, I have a set of Celestron 15x70 Skymasters and I'm very happy with them. I tend to use them more than my telescope set-up. I would advise you to buy a tripod to mount them onto, as they are quite heavy to use for a long period.

Thank you.

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