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  1. Long winded and old hat? NEVER ! (yes I shouted )...It was a really great read ! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and your excitement really comes accross ! ....sounds like you had a great night...I know what you mean about not seeing the wood for the trees sometimes! when this happens I just go a wandering I,ve discovered loads of great stuff this way ( well discoveries to me anyways. I know It's all been discovered already but I love that about astronomy.... you feel like an explorer ) regards craig
  2. hi Pvaz, I'm a newbie so my advice is going to be somewhat limited,.... The one thing I couldn't do without is my red dot finder. It's perfect for doing an initial line up on the general area to go hunting in. before I had a red dot finder on my 10" scope I too was having the same problem of trying to line my eye up with the scope and almost always, I was way out....I did get a lot better at using my finderscope !.... but also got neck ache .... The red dot is really quick and it gets me in the right area pretty much straight away....after that I fine tune in the finderscope. I'm not very goo
  3. Thank you kindly guys, Talitha, yes thats correct, I push down through my note pad and mark the positions with a little indentation....I have been doin the same for DSO's... by markin the boundaries likewise, and then shading them as per my notes.... I never even thought of doing them on white paper and turning them "negative"....I'll give this a go I think, although I'm not sure if Iphoto does this kind of thing....I too try not mess with the sketch in any way,...maybe just a resize for Purposes of uploading to SGL.....The black card does feel so natural to use though, and like you say Michae
  4. Indeed, a very lovely Image Steve ... and thanks because you have just definately without a doubt confirmed that this is what I saw the other night. Those orange stars stand out a treat and this Image shows them wonderfully.....good work.. regards craig
  5. Wow...thats a cracker!.... I love M31 and friends...
  6. Hi Pete, These are really lovely Images of (I'm relatively new so haven't found that many....yet!) two of my favourite objects...I can look at M31 and friends for hours! .....I find m33 a real challenge though and Ive only managed to find it twice.Thanks for these, you've given me renewed vigour to keep on with m33.. regards craig:)
  7. Thanks guys. Trev, Im am in fact rubbish at art but find that sketching is improving my observing skills...the more I sketch the comfier Its becoming. Paul, the eyepiece used was my 7mm giving me a mag of about x170 (meant to include that in my sketch! doh!), and I'd actually tried higher mags but found that the details were washing out so I backed off a little. I usually find the poles to be almost identicall in colour but on this occassion the upper pole in my sketch was deffo a little orangey brown compared with a salmony pink lower pole.However I'm not sure if this was down to atmosphere.
  8. Hi Adrian, I agree with you that sketching is a very good Idea....I'm useless at art but I've started sketching and i think its improving my observational skills no end.....when sketching something you have to actually ask yourself whats there,, rather than letting the view wash over you...if that makes sense. The other night ( and just about every night I'm observing the planets )I fiddle and tinker with various combos of ep's and my one planetary filter and barlows ....some nights my 7mm gives me the best views, other times it's my 26mm barlowed.....I guess what i'm trying to say, is that ea
  9. Hi CaptPaul, ...as already said above it's sometimes easier to do alignment in the daytime,...however I tend to align my rdf ( your red dot finder should pretty much stay where it is once aligned) and my finderscope on Polaris.This never (well hardly) moves at all.This way you're not chasing it around the sky. Start of with your 25mm ep (bigger the no. the lower the magnification) and centre it with this, when centred, line up your finderscope and rdf....then go to your next ep in line and do any minor tweeks. Once your up to your highest mag ( yours will be a barlowed 10mm therefore making
  10. Great report, and it Sounds like you had a great first night with your new scope. Hope you get loads more regards craig
  11. Briliant report Mick, I enjoyed reading this very much. As already said ,very informative, which helps newbies like myself a great deal...keep em' comming... regards craig.
  12. Andymack, I couldn't agree more ......Int' astronomy brilliant..... regards craig
  13. Last night I watched Jupiter from the moment it appeared until it got tangled up in the branches of a nearby tree ( by then the colours were washed out being so low anyway) so I unfortunately missed out on the great red spot ( which I've still yet to definately see, although I look at Jupiter every chance I get!)..and the transit...Doh !. However at times I got the bests views of Jupiter I think I've had so far..(only started this year mind you).....for five minutes here and there the planet just sat perfectly still and the features stood out really well.......so I did a sketch...... As always
  14. Craig H


    Lovely sketch Andrew, ......Glad to see you've made the most of the weather this week, your fine collection is coming along nicely....think i got more observing in this week than I have the past 2/3 months!......mind you ,been laid off helped ! ... regards craig.
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