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  1. thanks for the chart, i'll have to redownload Stellarium and start documenting locations and what i find Thanks again !
  2. Hi Guys, Thanks for all the replies, Dew could have been an issue not gonna lie, i made the mistake of not getting the scope out early enough, so the mirrors were probably dewed up. Yeah they were crisp before, but what i should have mentioned that was probably over a year ago when i last tok a look at saturn. for now i'm putting it down to the fact my scope was probably dewed up and so was the eyepiece, and probably atmosphere issues. one question though is there any kind of galaxy around the location of saturn. i came across a kinda smudge in the s
  3. Yeah i was thinking i may have to Collimate the scope, (which in all fairness i'd probably fail at....
  4. not jupiter lol sorry guys put the wrong planet in there
  5. Hi Guys! I'm probably posting this in the incorrect forum but here goes.... I have a 12" Dobsonian and i got it out tonight and took at look at saturn and Jupiter but i noticed it was as crisp as its usually been in the past, the planets weren't as clear and it they both had like a haze around them, I wasn't sure if it was because of the atmosphere or whether it was my Telescope? I was using a 31mm Wide Eyepiece and then a 9mm to get a more detailed view, but both eyepieces continued to show it hazy and not very crisp... Wondered if you guys had any advice o
  6. Hey Patrick Thanks so much for the obects writing them down as we speak, yeah i kinda hate anything that stops me viewing these fine beauties What eyepiece would u say use.. i like to use the 32mm to find the object. but what should i use to get possible a little more detail/color Thanks Patrick Kelly
  7. Hey Guys and Gals Need some reccomendations of what to look at tonight, I have lost my turn left at orion book ( i know nightmare) I just need some good DSOs to look at tonight. Any help would be great just to let you I have a 12" dobsonion not bragging or anything like that just letting you know just in case i might be able to see a object that isnt easily viewable with a smaller scope. Thanks Fellow Astronomers Kelly
  8. i wont im too excited LOL the courier will be on strike 2moro now LOL,
  9. :~) my dad ordered the 12" for me i was quite happy with that when he told be he had ordered it
  10. Hi I bought a new one today from FLO, i know it was £630 but my budget was £700 so i guess it was best to buy a new one, im happy its coming 2moro i can't wait will i be pleased?
  11. i suppose its just trying to find a second hand telescope ive been searching for 2 weeks LOL Kelly
  12. Hi what do you guys think shall i order a new 12" dobs for £630 or buy a second hand one your opinions would be appreciated thanks kelly
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