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  1. Saw it tonight using 15X70 bins, a faint patch without clear shape.
  2. I am not aware of those lists but you may sort by the DEC on a general list containing both hemispheres. Br, Jinsong
  3. jinstan


    Hi, Dave Welcome to SGL.
  4. jinstan

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    Hi and welcome.
  5. That is a very nice and sharp picture.
  6. Just read your another great report, you are in Sydney. But the fact it has such clear sky still surprised me. Well done!
  7. Excellent. You must have very dark sky otherwise it would not be possible to see some faint objects with bins.
  8. The universe became transparent after a while, but you will see nothing as you were not there, not even the solar system, milky way...
  9. Thanks for the info. The picture shows it is more likely to be a A4 or 200mm X 300mm size.
  10. It is an excellent idea to have a big finder scope as long as the mount is sturdy enough. I found most DSO first by the 15X70 bino quite easily but to find them by 6" reflector is quite frustrating. Hopefully the recent bought Rigel quikfinder helps a lot. It is a fun and achievement to bag new objects by hopping.
  11. Hi, Tac What kind of filters are you using? Where to get it? Br, Jinsong
  12. That is incredible! Did you find the objects by star hop or goto?
  13. It is generally accepted that there is a black hole in the centre of a galaxy. But how does it form seems to be open. Current theories don't support the SN of massive stars produce smaller starts IMHO.
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