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Bode’s, Cigar and Coddington’s widefield

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The light nights are closing in here and for what would probably be my last time imaging before the summer, I really wanted it to be with my Tak TSA-120 for the first time. Of course, Tak adapter hell hit and I was unable to get my imaging train together. So, I decided to try imaging M81 and M82 in wide field, particularly trying to bring out some IFN. I checked framing and found I could also fit in Coddington’s Nebula IC 2574, which is actually a spiral galaxy. 

I went for 5min exposures under a 65% moon and after tossing subs due to clouds I had 5hr 40mm of data. I wasn’t entirely confident of getting a final product I was happy with. Sure enough I had issues processing with the high dynamic range but managed to finally come up with something I’m happy with. Even if I’m not exactly sure how now! Processed in PixInsight. Hope you like it and happy to get some feedback!

Tak FS-60 with 0.72x reducer

Zwo ASI2600MC

Lights 68x300s

10x darks and flats






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Thanks for the kind words all!


9 hours ago, Alan White said:

Very nice image indeed, one to be proud of.
I like widefield images, make you take in the reality of just how much is around us to see.


4 hours ago, saac said:

Beautiful. Never seen Bodes and the Cigar in widefield before, looks great. 


I’m kind of glad I was forced into the wide field version. It does give you another perspective on the area. 

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