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Where can I get a Nikon DSLR modification in the UK?

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If asked nicely I expect the people at Chris's link could do a "Full Spectrum" mod,  so that the camera can be used for Astro.

It's strange that there are so few sources of Nikon mods.

A bit like the Betamax / VHS format war.

Same with Canon/Nikon ?


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There's a guide online for the D5XXX models but the tricky bit AFAICT is getting the sensor flat after modding, which is why I didn't try it myself



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I bought a replacement filter from AliExpress and then did it myself (to a Nikon d5000) 

The first time I managed to break a Flexi PCB clip resulting in no longer being able to use the rear switches but controlling it remotely was no problem .

I did a second one and it works perfectly. There was no problem with realigning the chip since the chip module just bolts flat as it seems pre-shimmed. Images taken since have no obvious flare. 

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