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  1. An additional $117 for UPS for Shipment and Insurance and (from memory £777) at Stansted for Import Duty / Customs /VAT.
  2. Hmm, think lockdown and poor skies the reason that my Stowaway has spent more time in the case than the Tak did. As to the import fees, I was ready for them, but it still hurt the wallet hard. I’ve a few things to sort out with my life this year, but plan on getting back out under dark skies as often as I can.
  3. Stowaway owner here! n.434 of the 3rd production run. Sold my Tak 76mm upon receipt of the Stowaway. Had to wait 2(3?) years, and the email from Darleen telling me my number had come up was a complete surprise. Just vary rare, and not available 'off the shelf' so less seen and talked about. For the price I paid UPS, and the £770 import duty at Stansted, there's an substantial cost on top of the $3500.. The views are wonderful, but with lockdown, the Observatory at Seething has been closed to all, I've not used mine this year...it's going with me to Devon next week though, i
  4. Did you see that there is someone loooking for one of these on the "wanted" threads... Good luck,
  5. Congratulations, I have the slightly larger brother (125) love the views and build quality. Hope you have first light soon. Chris
  6. Didn’t one of the Greenwitch chaps end up with Hinds when Greenwitch closed a few years ago? Sad to see another business close down. There’s usually a negative effect in the local community too.
  7. Hi Mark, I'll take the Vixen and Televue Plossl's please. Let me have your PayPal email and I'll gift you the money . Thanks, Chris
  8. Given the unsettled weather we seem to have had over the past 2 years, I wonder if people are spending money on other hobbies? In my case I spent my cash not on aperture, but on portability with a scope that will go in an overhead locker, and isn’t too heavy. I had more clear nights observing in 2015/2016 that last year and so far this year...Hopefully we have a decent winter and get the use of of our scopes.
  9. Managed to pick up a lightly used Skywatcher AZGi, for those of you with this mount, could you please recommend a cable to go from the Powerbank (mine's a Tracer with the cigarette type lead) to the mount? Had a quick look, but couldn't spot anything out there. Thanks, Chris
  10. Just throwing you a different option. There was a used version of one of these on Astrobuysell UK last week. https://www.altairastro.com/starwave-152-v3-red-tube-achromat-refractor-telescope-461-p.asp It’s a very good achromatic, plenty of aperture?
  11. Thank you! I’d forgotten to do that, although the phone number is no longer mine, the post code is! I’ll have to fire up Photoshop
  12. Thank you. AstroPhysics have a different business model, which is clever. As I understand it, they produce their scopes in relatively small batches, and create a wait list. You sign up to the wait list, and if you’re fortunate enough to be at the beginning of the list, you’ll receive your scope within a short time frame. This new Stowaway was exhibited at an Astro Expo in the USA in 2018; think the people visiting the stand would have been on the first batch. By the time I’d visited the website to add my name, I was far down a long, long list. As I understand it, this will be the
  13. Thank you, our weather forecast for the next two weeks is for clouds, clouds and rain . Am looking forward to getting it out under the dark skies at a Seething Obsy as soon as.
  14. Pelicase make superb cases, but you can obtain them in the UK. Inside though, was what I had thought about in (I think) April 2018, and then forgotten about until an email dropped into my mailbox on Thursday evening. Of course, the weather is completely cloudy (that's the polite description) for the next two weeks, so I've managed a total of 5 minutes moon-gazing in between clouds and rain.
  15. Had a distraction on Monday with a delivery from UPS. The parcel was shipped out on Friday from Machesney Park. The outer boxed looked like this!
  16. Congrats, it's 5 years since my Tak 76 arrived. It's been on many AstroCamps, outreach events and adventures, including a Messier Marathon in France with me. Have read great reviews of the 100 DZ. Am sure yours will bring you many smiles too. Chris
  17. Thank you @Stu. Am expecting the AP Stowaway tomorrow. The Baader would not arrive in time for my trip (CV19 permitting) to Turkey next month, so I’ve emailed Baader asking if they would mind passing “my” Travel Companion to the next person in the queue. If they insist, I’ll happily take it in Nov / Dec and then have a decision to make. Hopefully unboxing and photos tomorrow, but next week looks full of clouds and rain all week, so first light might not happen for a while. Chris
  18. Should be here by the end of the day on Monday...of course the forecast is for rain / clouds here for all of next week . Number 434 of the 3rd batch produced.
  19. The tube and front end look very similar to my Altair Astro 125 ED which I think that Telescope Express sell under their own label too. See https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p6679_TS-Optics-PHOTOLINE-130-mm-f-7-FPL53-Triplet-APO-Refractor.html and https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p7717_TS-Optics-PHOTOLINE-130-mm-f-7-FPL53-Triplet-Apo---3-7--Focuser.html Depends on the price of course, but am very pleased with my Altair. Good luck. Chris
  20. Could be ready by the time I’ve hit the ‘Pay Now’ button on PayPal, according to their email. Baader was 6-9 months from January, so just within their timeframe...I’ve emailed to see where they are. Have until Sept 2nd, before my ‘spot’ goes. Chris
  21. Just received an email from Astrophysics offering me the chance to purchase a Stowaway. I have my name down for a Baader Travel Companion too, but they’ve been very quiet of late, and the 6 month delivery window timeframe is now passed. Decisions to be made now, I cannot justify having both. Any advice from those of you with either would be very welcome. Thanks, Chris
  22. Here’s the tweet with image produced.
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