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My EAA Adventure continues...

Big Ian 65

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First light last night with my new SvBONY 705C camera - obviously still a lot to learn, but here is a live stack of the Eskimo Nebula - NGC2392. I think its a good start, seeing was poor, and the light pollution in Margate is not great, no calibration frames, and focus can be improved - but I'm having fun... and my EAA adventure is proceeds...
Image data -
Celestron CPC 925 GPS XLT
Debayer Preview=On
Output Format=PNG files (*.png)(Auto)
Colour Space=RAW16
Capture Area=1920x1080
Black Level=0
USB Speed=1
Frame Rate Limit=Maximum
Timestamp Frames=Off
White Bal (B)=128
White Bal (G)=128
White Bal (R)=128
Trail Width=3
Minimum Trail Length=100
Trail Detection Sensitivity=9
Remove Satellite Trails=Off
Background Subtraction=Off
Planet/Disk Stabilization=Off
Banding Threshold=10
Banding Suppression=0
Apply Flat=None
Hot Pixel Sensitivity=5
Subtract Dark=None
Display Black Point=0
Display MidTone Point=0.5
Display White Point=1

Eskimo Stack_172frames_430s_WithDisplayStretch.png

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@Big Ian 65 a very nice image, the detail in the shells of gas is great. Planetary nebula are amazing objects. Switching to EAA from visual allowed me to appreciate their detailed and subtle structure.

May I ask, what focal length your CPC-925 operates at? I have a CPC-800, which I use for EAA, and have always operated it with a focal reducer (F6.3). 

Have fun.


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Hi Pete - the image was taken at native focal length of 2350mm - I do have the F6.3 focal reducer and will try that when skies allow... I was too excited to get my new camera operational so I just set up with the camera in place of the eyepiece in my diagonal - Thanks for your comments - what targets have you had success with using your setup? Do you think the cooled camera gives good benefit for eaa - I am on a budget and my camera is uncooled - initial results seem OK so far!


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Hi @Big Ian 65,

After the Messier objects, I just worked through the many lists of interesting NGC objects. I always return to my favourite objects, as every year I learn more and the view becomes better. 

I have never used my scope at f10 for EAA. I'm not sure how successful plate-solving would be at that focal length.  I operate a remote setup (about 5m 😀 ) so I really need plate-solving to align the scope from my indoor computer.

I can't really advise you on a proper TEC cooled camera, that maintains its set temperature. My Altair Astro 294c is fan cooled. It keeps the sensor around 3-4 degrees above the ambient temperature. For EAA an uncooled camera works fine, for me. A cooled camera would offer some advantages, especially if you were going to move into astrophotography.

Have fun


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Hi Pete,

On 27/02/2023 at 18:09, Big Ian 65 said:

what targets have you had success with using your setup?

I used a C9.25 for awhile using the EEVA approach.

You probably have about 50,000 targets within reach.

Messiers, Herschel 400, Caldwell, the brighter (and more interesting) NGC - around 600 of them, the Arps, the Hicksons, then the VVs, SHKs, WBLs, PCGs, Ring Galaxies.......and so it goes on. If you look in the EEVA Reports section you will find threads assigned to the various lists.

Enjoy the journey,


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Thanks for the advice Mike and Pete! There is a lot to learn, but the rewards are just mind blowing… after a few years of visual astronomy, and a bit of afocal photography, EAA has shown me things I only dreamed of seeing! 

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