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Help/advice for EAA newbie…

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4 hours ago, Toltec said:

Interesting thread as I'm planning on having a go at this myself this year.

Thanks Toltec, good luck with your EAA adventure!

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Hi Ian, 

12 hours ago, Big Ian 65 said:

is the need to refocus due to temp, just down to the expansion/contraction of the scope components, or something else?

As you say just down to expansion/contraction. Sometimes scopes will need to be re-focused if you point them at a very different part of the sky (things move slightly in some scopes). I only very rarely needed to re focus my C11/C9.25 during a session but makes sense to be aware that focus might change during a long session.



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Hi all, another question… does it matter where you place the focus mask? Does it have to be placed directly in front of the corrector plate on my SCT, or can I just place it over the dew shield? My dew shield adds about 450mm in front of the corrector… obviously easier to use if I don’t have to remove the dew shield.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi all - here are a few EAA images from my second outing on Saturday night 9/10 July (unfortunately my learning has been delayed by a bout of Covid...) however I am slowly evolving my setup procedure to make things a little easier (limited by the equipment I have) I tried to use my Antares F6.3 reducer, but couldn't achieve focus with that, so these images are at the native focal ratio of my scope (F/10) - I think I need an extension tube to be able to use the reducer. (Camera has 18mm focal path, the sony T adapter adds about 36mm + the focal path of my 2" diagonal)

FYI The Y focal mask works great!

Thanks for the support from you guys, I think I am progressing slowly, and I am pleased with the results so far.

Cat Eye - 2022-07-10 - Stack_11frames_110s_WithDisplayStretch processed.png

Eagle Nebula - 2022-07-10 - Stack_30frames_300s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

Hercules Cluster - 2022-07-10 - Stack_17frames_170s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

M3 - 2022-07-09 - Stack_32frames_238s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

M29 - 2022-07-10 - Stack_19frames_190s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

M81 - 2022-07-10 - Stack_46frames_442s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

M92 - 2022-07-10 - Stack_23frames_230s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

M94 - 2022-07-09 - Stack_26frames_260s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

Sunflower - 2022-07-10 - Stack_34frames_408s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

Whirlpool - 2022-07-10 - Stack_29frames_290s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

Wild Duck Cluster - 2022-07-10 - Stack_4frames_40s_WithDisplayStretch - processed.png

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