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Saturn 1.5 degrees from Venus - Now, 21st Jan 2023


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As per the title, Saturn is around 1.5 degrees from Venus, I’m looking at them together now in the same fov, admittedly with a 31mm Nagler, but smaller fov would fit them in too.

Quick snap attached, might be rubbish, haven’t checked 🤣


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2 hours ago, Captain Scarlet said:

Thanks Stu. I’ve had this in my diary. I think closest is tomorrow 22nd. But I’m enveloped in deep fog and low cloud which is set to continue for some days so I reckon there’s no chance for me unfortunately. Good luck everyone else. L


Oh yes, missed that. Under half a degree apart tomorrow. Hope we catch a clear spell at the right time.

Cleaned up image from this evening.


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1 hour ago, Captain Scarlet said:

The weather was suddenly clear late afternoon and I got my hopes up. Then about 30 minutes later pea-soup descended and dashed them. They all about a tease! Grrr

Aaah rubbish. There were clouds creeping up on me too but I was lucky and they held off long for me to get a look. I was out observing yesterday and was annoyed at myself for not thinking to take a look. Was on the ball tonight at least. 

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3 hours ago, Littleguy80 said:

The weather was kind and I managed to catch Saturn and Venus this evening. At a little under 100x mag with both comfortably in the FOV it was a great sight. Grapped  a quick picture with the camera.


Great shot Neil. I managed a very quick look at low power (x30) in gaps between cloud. High enough to be able to see Saturns rings clearly enough to know it was Saturn. Didn’t expect to see it at all, so grateful for the quick view.

I took a very quick and bad picture just for the record. You can JUST see Saturn 🤪. The view was considerably better fortunately.


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