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How many different scopes and why?


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I own one scope and rarely if ever own two at the same time. My latest and final scope is a Fl 7 Starwave 102 ED-R on a TeleVue Gibraltar mount. 

I have owned mostly refractors over the past 50 odd years. I have had big dobs in the past and just can’t get on with them. I find fl7 to be the sweet spot in 4 inch refractors. I don’t know if I have a particularly good one, but it’s the best telescope optically I have ever owned. I also live in a tiny 300 year old cottage, not a lot of storage space and the shed is full of my lovely wife’s gardening tools (English cottage gardens take more maintenance than you might imagine). All of my gear goes under the bed in the guest bedroom 

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On 12/11/2022 at 18:36, Gfamily said:

A trip to the USA included a trip to Las Vegas, where I met Bill Vorce ( a scope parts re-seller) who provided me with a couple of EPs and a Barlow lens for $100. 

A footnote to this. 

Prior to our visit, I had been looking out for somewhere that I might be able to divert to a decent astronomy equipment store.  At the time, Scope City was fairly well established as a Bricks & Mortar store, but the only one we'd be near was in LasVegas. 

So, on our first morning in LV, we dropped by the store and had a look inside.

When I said what I was looking for, one of the assistants gave me a sideways look and said "How about we go out on the terrace? "

- with me a little bit unsure about what he meant, he picked up a scope and said out loud "Let's see what you think of this one".  Once on the terrace, and out of earshot of any manager, he advised that we couldn't do better than getting in touch with Bill (who had the fairly well established online Telescope Warehouse store)  - and gave us Bill's LV address and a phone number

So we got in touch, and went to visit Bill (and his cats) while he gave us his suggestions for EPs and the Barlow.

I have to say that Scope City have at least one very good staff member (or at least they did 20+ years ago) - though I'm not sure that  Scope City would be happy to hear how they were helpful.

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