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PA on mount direct vs via camera on OTA


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33 minutes ago, malc-c said:

That's interesting, and something must had changed in either the camera firmware or Sharpcap for them both to work together.

This was SharpCap working last night after using PoleMaster to align my CEM25-EC:


I had to update the SharpCap software before using it and there was close to perfect agreement with the PoleMaster - the "Good" kept changing to "Excellent" - try as I may I couldn't get it to stay on "Excellent".

14 hours ago, CraigT82 said:

IMO there’s no way you’ll be able to swap one OTA for another and maintain an accurate PA, just the act of changing the tubes over is going to disturb it. You PA first when the mount is loaded up and when you unload it by taking weights/tube off and the mount is going to mechanically rebound (for want of a better word), next OTA goes on and the mount won’t then settle back into exactly its previous position. That’s my thoughts anyway. 

Totally agree.


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On 03/11/2022 at 19:18, powerlord said:

I'm afraid asiair is the only thing I can PA with. I tried phd2s drift thing and gave up as it was all over the place. Maybe sharpcap is easier ? but I don't have the paid version of that. So I admit this could be asiair funkyness.

If you have an RPi/Mac/Linux you could try PA with Ekos. Works for me

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