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Is this a normal amount of noise for a 6400 iso, 1" sub?

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7 hours ago, Cakedestroyer said:

Awesome! Thanks for the cool map, did you make it or use a tool? Seems like a cool thing to be able to use if it's like a website.

You're welcome!

Took a screen grab from  Stellarium (useful, free planetarium program, in case you don't already have it) having guessed your location as somewhere on South Island, then overlaid your image with a bit of transparency and shrunk it to fit. 

There is a Website, astrometry.net , that will do much the same thing, although it may need a slightly better signal to noise ratio image to plate solve.

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On 14/10/2022 at 01:34, Alien 13 said:

The reported "best" ISO for the Canon 60D is 800, have a look here.



What's the reason that some older models beat out newer ones in ISO capability? I notice some of the newer Rebel models are sitting in the 400-800 range, while the older ones are rated at 1600. 

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